by Kenneth Murphy

The quality of your sleep and your general well-being upon awakening depends on the bed you pick. Therefore, you have to be meticulous about choosing the right queen-sized mattress that will perfectly fit your needs and make you feel most comfortable. If you have no idea about where to start or what to look for, a piece of advice from an experienced orthopedist might be very welcome.

30 Seconds Summary

Our team is excited to announce our updated TOP 3 queen-size mattress picks for February 2023!

The Best Choice
  • Making All Sleeper Types Happy.
Budget Pick
  • Flippable and Double-Sided.
Organic Mattress
  • Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

The quality of your mattress is what ultimately determines whether you will feel refreshed after a night’s rest. We have carefully reviewed hundreds of products and handpicked 50 items that made it to our top list of best mattresses ever.

Upon studying this guide, you’ll surely have most of your questions answered. From personal experience and after scrutinizing tons of customer reviews, we have concluded that Puffy is the best overall pick owing to how remarkably well it supports your spine as you sleep. The runner-up is Layla for its ability to provide enhanced support in the areas where your spine is the most susceptible to compression. Awara is deservedly ranked third since it appears to be one of the most durable models with a prominent cushioning effect.

The way how well and comfortably you sleep at night can impact your mood and general health during waking hours. For that reason, you need to take the matter of choosing the right mattress very seriously and your due consideration to every aspect of this matter. Look at all the different options available to you and evaluate their benefits and disadvantages thoroughly before you make up your mind as to which product will be a perfect pick.

Top 50 Queen-Size Mattresses

We created this detailed list in the hope that it will facilitate your decision-making process. Without further ado, let’s go and find you an ideal mattress for the sweetest of dreams!

1. Puffy – Deluxe Quality that Will Suit Any Sleeper Type

Puffy is our top choice among the entire multitude of products we reviewed. This semi-firm foam mattress relieves pressure on your back like no other. The low-density memory foam used in the Puffy model guarantees an exceptionally soft feel. On top of that, all lightweight users and side sleepers will appreciate its cradling support that ensures unparalleled sleeping comfort and perfect body alignment.

The Puffy Mattress

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The two upper comfort layers of the mattress, each 2 inches thick, are wrapped in a polyester cover that you can easily remove and wash as needed. The top layer is memory foam with gel infusions, and the second one is a transition layer made of firmer heat-resistant polyfoam. Below the comfort layers, there is a 6-inch base support layer composed of high-density polyfoam. The memory foam allows the mattress to adjust to the contours of your body and relieve pressure in specific points while providing a curve for improved lumbar support.

Puffy is designed to suit all types of sleepers who seek a product that will effectively ease the pressure on their spine. However, people of average-to-heavy weight might sometimes find it not firm enough. Besides, the mattress utilizes foams of lesser density, which prove to be durable for lightweight sleepers, but may fail to serve just as long if used night after night by people weighing over 230 lb. That being said, when it comes to pressure relief, noise isolation, and motion absorption properties, Puffy has no match.

This model can effortlessly accommodate the diverse needs of combo sleepers and keep them comfortable and cozy regardless of how often they change their sleeping position from back to stomach to side throughout the night. The mattress is made to keep the sleeping temperature neutral at all times to prevent the user from feeling exceedingly hot or overly cool. In general, Puffy is a sleeper-friendly queen-size mattress made of soft foam. It comes at an affordable price and is supported with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Exceptionally light feel of the soft-foam top layer;
  • Well-suited for all types of users including combo sleepers;
  • Perfect for small- and average-size people;
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty;
  • Delivery is free of charge, and the return option is provided;
  • Offers superb relief of pressure;
  • Memory foam of low density;
  • Cradling support for unparalleled sleeping comfort and proper body alignment;
  • Excellent motion absorption properties;
  • Does not make noise even under heavy load.


  • May not be able to provide heavy sleepers with the degree of support they seek;
  • The combined thickness of comfort layers is 10 inches, which may be insufficient for some users;
  • Belly sleepers occasionally feel that their hips are not aligned to their spine;
  • Its durability decreases as more weight is applied to it on a nightly basis;
  • Can potentially release mild organic or chemical odor;
  • Isn’t the best choice for comfortable sex life;
  • May not be unsuitable for people accustomed to innerspring mattresses;
  • Has a longer break-in period;
  • Will not be so good for people who want their bed to have a latex feel;
  • People may experience difficulties when changing their body position because of the “hugging” effect of the mattress.

Top-selling point of the Puffy mattress:

  • The mattress is wrapped in a stain-proof removable cover suitable for machine washing.

2. Layla – Flippable, Two-Sided Delight

Layla is a queen-sized mattress made of shape-retaining foam that can be flipped onto both sides and is equally comfortable for back, belly, and side sleeping positions. This product is shipped to the customer free of charge, and can be returned gratis during the test period if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase. Note that the usual break-in period for this model is two weeks, meaning that you will be able to request the return of the mattress to the seller only after you have slept on it for at least 14 days. If you choose to keep it, you should know that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Layla Make Your Sleep Good

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Apart from being flippable, Layla is also a two-sided mattress, which means that you can quickly and easily switch between its two firmness options. The firmer one of the two sides features a 1-inch comfort layer consisting of memory foam with copper gel infusions. The base support layer of the Layla mattress is 4.5 inches thick and is made of durable polyfoam.

The softer side of the mattress has two comfort layers on top of the base support layer. The lower is a transitional 2-inch layer of egg crate foam meant to facilitate airflow through the entire structure and soften it up. The upper one is a 3-inch layer of memory foam with copper gel. To try each side and see which one works best, you do not need to take the mattress out of its cover. Flip it to the right position, and you are all set to enjoy a comfortable sleep!

The cover is grey with an attractive geometric pattern. You can remove it to wash when needed, but pay attention that it is dry-cleaning only. Both sides of the mattress have a nice soft feel to them; however, one is softer as there is an extra inch of gel memory foam. By and large, the mattress is very soft and cozy and effectively reduces the pressure on your spine. It will make a superb pick for people who like to sleep on their back or belly provided that their weight is under 230 lb, and they are not used to firmer beddings.


  • A pleasant and soft feel of gel foam;
  • Perfect for sleepers with delicate and average physique;
  • Accommodates the needs of all types of sleepers;
  • Free delivery with a return option available;
  • 4-month test period to try the mattress and see if it fits;
  • Complete with two bonus pillows;
  • Lifelong warranty against defects;
  • A good-looking, easy-to-remove cover;
  • Ensures extra comfort of your sleep;
  • Superb pressure-reducing properties.


  • People who like encased coil mattresses might find this one a bit too soft;
  • Not a great option for sleepers who need a bed that feels truly firm;
  • People weighing over 230 lb are unlikely to appreciate its softness;
  • The cover requires delicate, dry-clean treatment only;
  • May not suit people who usually sleep hot;
  • The softer side of the mattress fails to provide impressive edge support;
  • Not enough springiness;
  • May be not very comfortable for couples to have sex on;
  • The service life is estimated at six years;
  • You will have to flip the mattress regularly (doing it once every month is advised).

Top-selling point of the Layla mattress:

  • Flippable mattress with two usable sides.

3. Awara – Nature-friendly and Luxurious Comfort

Awara is a perfect choice for people who are fond of more organic products or those who find all-foam mattresses to be too soft. This hybrid queen-sized mattress consists of a 4-inch foam layer made of RFA-certified Dunlop latex and a 9-inch support base layer of encased springs. The posh cover features eco-friendly materials such as wool and cotton. The Awara mattress is semi-firm, which will be particularly suitable for heavy users of over 130 lb, hot sleepers, and those in need of a perfect comfort-support balance.

Awara hybrid mattress

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Awara is a product made to last for at least seven years with minimal VOCs and chemical release. Plus, it has a short break-in period. Some users report experiencing a minor odor when the mattress is just out of the box, but it is believed to vanish within 12 hours. One of the top-selling points of the Awara model is its outstanding cooling properties. Such a cooling effect is made possible by the intensely ventilated latex foam layer and the encased coil layer that provides sufficient air access. Other benefits of the model are its remarkably sturdy edge support and advanced noise absorption, which is why this mattress is considered optimal choice sex.


  • A multi-zone base layer made of encased coils for extra springiness and targeted edge support;
  • Ideally suited for all weight groups of sleepers, including those over 230 lb;
  • A pleasant cooling effect for hot sleepers;
  • Durable design with over seven years of guaranteed service life;
  • An excellent choice for sex.


  • Can’t absorb motion as effectively as all-foam mattresses;
  • Doesn’t have close fit properties;
  • Won’t suit the needs of sleepers who like soft bedding;
  • A bit too heavy;
  • Might cause increased pressure on shoulders and hips.

4. Saatva (Classic)

Saatva (Classic) is a lavish encased coil mattress intended for queen-sized beds. It consists of thick top layers and a rugged innerspring support layer. Both coil layers ensure ample air inflow, which is why the sleeping temperature remains neutral and keeps hot sleepers exceptionally comfortable through the night. The refined design of the Saatva model guarantees enhanced comfort and outstanding night’s rest for its users.

Saatva Classic comfort layers

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The mattress is not known to have any odor when it comes out of its box; besides, this is one of the best cooling options available. Since it is an encased spring mattress, the manufacturer has made sure that its edge support is particularly sturdy and durable, as well as the rest of the sleeping surface. The model is consistent with the user’s needs and feels reasonably springy, which is just what a couple needs for great sex. The Saatva (Classic) mattress is a budget-friendly solution that comes in three different firmness configurations – Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm.


  • Free shipping with a white-glove service;
  • Three levels of firmness to choose from;
  • Available in multiple designs to suit various tastes;
  • Keeps the sleeping temperature neutral;
  • The warranty is 15 years.


  • Cannot provide sufficient motion absorption;
  • Medium durability;
  • Does not ease the pressure on your back as much as all-foam mattresses do;
  • Can make noises when pressure is applied;
  • Not a great fit if you are used to softer mattresses made of memory foam.

Top-selling point of the Saatva (Classic) mattress:

  • Top-notch quality, time-proof design.

5. Brentwood Home (Crystal Cove)

Brentwood Home (Crystal Cove) is a hybrid mattress with two firmness levels to switch between depending on your sleeping temperature preferences. One side of the Brentwood Home model is softer and composed of memory foam that is specifically designed to disperse heat and keep the sleeper cool and comfortable at all times. The other, firmer side is made of Dunlop latex, a natural material, air-saturated structure of which ensures proper ventilation and heat dispersal.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove

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The softer side of the mattress has two comfort layers, of which the second one is 2 inches thick memory foam infused with charcoal famous for its outstanding air-conditioning and disinfecting properties. The immensely strong support base of the mattress features a system of interconnected individually wrapped coils. This sturdy base layer guarantees impressive body support regardless of which mattress surface you choose for sleeping. All the materials used in Brentwood Home (Crystal Cove) are harmless for sleepers and highly durable. The mattress will be a good fit for any sleeping position.


  • Two-sided, flippable mattress;
  • Nature-friendly, sustainable design;
  • Has a comfort layer of memory foam with infusions of activated carbon known for its outstanding therapeutic properties;
  • The hybrid latex-and-coil design is a perfect option for cool sleepers
  • Soft, air-permeable cover;
  • Delicate and smooth sleeping surface.


  • Not a great option for people who aren’t looking to use both sides of the mattress and only need one of them;
  • Might feel too springy for some users;
  • A few customers have reported feeling the coils through the comfort layers;
  • Might be a little too heavy;
  • May lack stability and balance.

Top-selling point of the Brentwood Home (Crystal Cove) mattress:

  • Rugged and lasting support base layer with two different types of foam on both sides.

6. Nectar

Nectar is a three-layered foam mattress that ensures excellent and steady pressure control and grand motion absorption. It is a well-designed model with a medium level of firmness that should be able to meet the need for balanced support of the vast majority of sleepers. Apart from its reliable and comfort-inducing construction, the product boasts one more appealing feature – its very competitive price.

Nectar high-quality

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The mattress does a truly excellent job of absorbing and damping motion, meaning that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep free of interruptions. Its two comfort layers of memory foam ensure supreme conformity to your body contours and provide pretty good pressure relief in the most sensitive zones. A very welcome characteristic of the model is its ability to stay silent when any weight is applied to it.


  • Capable of supporting all types of sleepers weighing over 130 lb without caving in;
  • Can accommodate couples perfectly;
  • Superior quality;
  • Impressive motion absorption;
  • Stays silent under any weight.


  • Average service life expectancy of 6-7 years;
  • Some off-gassing was detected (dissipated after a few days);
  • Not the best possible choice for hot sleepers;
  • Rare incidents of sagging reported after just a year of regular exploitation;
  • Might be a little too soft for comfortable sex.

7. Birch

Birch is a semi-firm hybrid mattress for queen-sized beds that features a durable profile of a total of 11 inches. It is composed of all-green, 100% organic fibers such as wool in the top comfort layer and aired Talalay foam in the second. The mattress’s bulk is built with individually encased springs, while a batting of organic wool completes the construction. On top of everything, the product comes with an eco-friendly cotton cover enhanced with wool webs to make the material more flameproof.

Birch top comfort layer

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All the materials utilized in the production of the Birch mattress are naturally safe and durable. There might be a slight initial odor because of the latex and wool used in the mattress design, but the smell is usually rather weak and tends to disappear on its own after a few days. Another definitive advantage of the Birch model is its excellent ability to let the air in and out, which is why it is so much-favored by people who want to sleep cool. The mattress is adequately responsive and bouncy – the properties that make it exceptionally suitable for sex.


  • Made of all-natural, green materials;
  • Its semi-firmness ensures reliable support for heavier sleepers;
  • An excellent option that helps hot sleepers stay cool down during the night;
  • Naturally resilient fabrics used in the mattress make it very long-lasting;
  • Very little if any odor noticed in newly manufactured products.


  • Lightweight users of under 130 lb may find it overly firm;
  • Fails to absorb motion effectively;
  • The encased spring system may become noisy in the long run;
  • People with chronic back issues may be unable to get the pressure relief they need;
  • Its less-than-perfect edge support may lead to mattress sagging.

8. Avocado

Avocado is a queen-sized mattress of hybrid design featuring eco-friendly renewable materials like organic wool and rubber tree latex, as well as a reliable encased coil system. It offers two different firmness options that suit all bedtime needs of all types of average-sized and heavier sleepers. Trusted farming cooperation groups provide latex fiber used to manufacture this bed. This foam is certified according to the best Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS).


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The Avocado mattress is manufactured using all-natural GOLS-approved materials. The model advertises a comfort layer composed of organic wool fiber that ensures proper alignment of your spine regardless of the preferred sleeping position. This reliably durable model is going to be a helpful solution for heavyweight sleepers of over 230 lb.

The perfect balance between the durability and comfort is achieved through using latex instead of more traditional polyfoam and coils with lower gauge numbers. The model cannot boast the same impressive ability to absorb motion that we find in all-foam beds. On the bright side, the Avocado mattress does not release any VOCs or chemical smells besides perhaps a subtle wool-and-latex odor that does not usually linger for longer than a few days.

The one area in which the Avocado mattress truly shines is its outstanding temperature control properties. Its system of encased coils supplemented with cooling latex foam, can keep you cool and comfy throughout the night. Furthermore, the mattress edge support is unparalleled due to the thick layer of individually encased springs and high-density latex used in the support layers. Such consistent springiness makes Avocado a perfect place for sex.


  • Eco-friendly design;
  • The mattress uses lasting renewable materials, including organic wool and natural foam made from rubber tree sap;
  • Comes in two firmness options;
  • Most suited for average-to-heavy sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 lb;
  • A decent pick for people whose weight is over 230 lb;
  • Enhanced service life;
  • No synthetic odors;
  • Keeps the temperature of your sleep perfectly neutral;
  • The mattress offers impressive pressure-resistance around the edges;
  • It offers an awesome space for sex.


  • Lightweight side sleepers suffering from chronic pain in the shoulder or hip area will not find this particular model too comfortable or relaxing;
  • Cannot ease the pressure as perfectly as all-foam or mixed foam-and-coil mattresses do;
  • Lacks motion absorption;
  • Occasional reports of creaking sounds when significant weight is applied to the bed;
  • Poorly conforms to body contours;
  • The model is a bit pricey;
  • Needs regular flipping to preserve usable form;
  • Known to have some sagging issues;
  • Protracted delivery.

Top-selling point of the Avocado mattress:

  • Sleeper-friendly lasting design, perfect for all weight groups.

9. Luft (The Luft Bed)

Luft (The Luft Bed) is fabricated using graphene memory foam and multi-zone spring system. The foam with graphene infusions possesses splendid cooling qualities, and the individually sleeved springs offer zone-specific support and add to the overall sturdiness and durability of the design. Three firmness alternatives are available to the Luft users – Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm. Such a variety of options means you can easily find a model that will perfectly fit your individual sleeping needs and wants.

The Luft Bed

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It is worth saying that the mattress’s coiled layers ensure proper air movement, allowing for cool and comfortable sleep. The bed is also famous for its outstanding zone-specific support. Thanks to its reinforced core, the mattress excellently reduces pressure in the most vulnerable areas. Finally, its thought-out edge support removes the roll-off effect entirely.


  • Three different firmness alternatives to pick from;
  • Well-designed edge support;
  • Zone-specific support for improved pressure relief;
  • Sufficient springiness;
  • Adequate motion absorption.


  • Inferior ability to keep the temperature neutral;
  • Poorly suited for belly sleepers, as their hips sometimes sink too deeply into the mattress;
  • Unimpressive expected service life;
  • May be rather noisy when much weight is applied;
  • Heavy and hard to move around.

10. Zenhaven

Zenhaven is a double-sided mattress for queen-size beds that is made entirely of natural latex foam. The mattress is designed to contour to your body closely and ease the pressure that accumulates in particular areas. The bed is a fitting choice that can offer sufficient support to all weight groups of sleepers.

The overall height of the mattress is 10 inches: two latex support layers are 6 inches thick, while the top and bottom comfort layers are made of 1.5-inch Talalay latex of varying firmness each. Extra comfort and softness are ensured by a 0.5 inch of padding of natural wool on both sides of the mattress. Also, its cotton cover is 100% organic. The ability of the product to absorb motion and reduce pressure is off the charts.

Zenhaven latex mattress

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The product is shipped to the customer using a white-glove service. The seller offers a 20-year service life warranty for its Zenhaven mattress, along with a 4-month sleep trial period, and a free optional removal of the old mattress. Each side has a different firmness configuration; also, the product is resistant to mold and bacteria. The Zenhaven mattress will make for an optimal purchase for belly and back sleepers who want a model that sleeps exceptionally cool.


  • Superb service life duration;
  • Splendid motion absorption ensures notably reduced number of sleep disruptions;
  • A perfect solution for hot sleepers;
  • Incredible sound cancelation;
  • Two firmness configurations will delight all sleeper types.


  • Does not provide proper support around the edges;
  • Side and belly sleepers of over 230 lb of weight may find that the model is too soft, which leads to excessive sinking and problems with neck and shoulders;
  • May not be an ideal match for users with active sex life;
  • Heavy to move;
  • Those of a delicate constitution will find it somewhat too firm.

11. DreamCloud – Premium Hybrid Choice for Queen-Size Sleepers

The DreamCloud queen-size mattress is a premium-quality hybrid product with medium firmness. This luxurious model is built with individually encased coil springs, support layers of high-dense polyfoam, and several comfort layers made of first-grade memory foam.

The mattress is designed to provide the utmost support at possible pressure points, ensure proper alignment of the spine, and accommodate heavier sleepers with maximum ease and comfort. The overall thickness of the profile is 15 inches, where the supporting part accounts for 8 inches of encased coils and 1.5 inches of high-dense polyfoam.

DreamCloud Luxury Bed

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The comfort part of the mattress includes several layers of top-notch memory foam. The first one is a 1-inch thick pad made of poly-fill with an extra 0.5-inch layer of polyfoam. The lower comfort layer is 1.5-inch memory foam with gel infusions. Underneath all that, 2.5 inches of standard foam act as a soft transitional layer. Such a well-planned hybrid design makes the bed last longer – at least for 7-8 years. The breathing cover and the coil support system help maintain an ample flow of air to the surface and thus keep it cool. The DreamCloud mattress is bouncy enough, which is a useful quality for fantastic sex life.


  • A fitting solution for users with substantial weight;
  • Ideal for people who enjoy sleeping on their back;
  • A well-balanced combination of tenderness and firmness keeps spine alignment healthy;
  • Persistent support around the edges;
  • A very decent option for sex.


  • Lightweight users who prefer sleeping on the side will find it too firm;
  • Not a suitable pick if you are looking to buy a mattress with contouring and hugging effects;
  • It might seem too springy to some sleepers;
  • Belly sleepers will not experience the same level of comfort as other sleeper types;
  • Some find the mattress a bit too large for cozy sleeping.

12. Nest Bedding (Alexander Signature Hybrid)

The seller offers free doorstep delivery of its popular Nest Bedding model. The mattress comes to you tightly rolled and carefully boxed. You may opt for a paid white-glove delivery service if you do not wish to unpack and move the mattress yourself. With the Nest Bedding mattress, you also get a 100-night sleep trial. The test period is 100% no-risk, meaning that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request to return the mattress for free and receive a full refund.

Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid

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(more photos are available)

The mattress is backed by a lifetime warranty and can be exchanged for a different model once the sleep trial is over. This 13-inch model features a durable coil foundation and patented foams in its comfort layers. The Nest Bedding mattress comes wrapped in an attractive permanent cover.


  • Superior quality at a budget-friendly price;
  • Suits any physique and type of sleepers;
  • Supported by a lifetime warranty;
  • Offers relief of muscular pain when used long-term.


  • Does not have a genuine foam feel to it;
  • Its ventilation capabilities fail to impress;
  • May have a minor synthetic odor;
  • Its trial involves a month-long break-in period;
  • Shipping the mattress to customers located outside the USA may be costly;
  • A few users have complained about it not providing enough support.

13. Purple (Original)

The topper of the Purple (Original) mattress is composed of three different types of fabric: polyester, viscose, and spandex that give it improved elasticity and durability. The upper layer of hyper-elastic polymer exhibits the ability to yield in places where pressure is applied while remaining flat and uncompressed everywhere else. The open-grid design of the second comfort layer allows for an enhanced air supply to the surface, thus keeping it ventilated. This particular property is super helpful if you are a hot sleeper who needs a product that will maintain the same neutral temperature throughout the night.

Purple Original

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The ability of this model to isolate and absorb motion energy is truly impressive – nothing will disturb your sleep during the night. The product’s conformity to your body contours is really good, so you will get enough help with pressure reduction at the most sensitive points and can be sure that your spine is aligned properly. According to multiple customer reviews, the Purple mattress typically comes free of any intense or lingering smells. Finally, the bed stays virtually noiseless during service, which is a quality appreciated by couples and people who sleep lightly.


  • Excels at motion energy absorption;
  • Very silent;
  • Laudable thermal neutrality;
  • Comfortable for all user types (side, back, belly, and combo sleepers);
  • The hyper-elastic design ensures good springiness, so changing your sleep position will be effortless.


  • Can’t match the ability of memory foam mattresses to relieve pressure;
  • People over 230 lb may not get sufficient support from this bed;
  • Unsatisfactory support at the edges;
  • Side-only sleepers will not find it too comfortable.

14. Leesa

Leesa is a queen-sized model that consists entirely of premium-quality foam of mixed morphology. The profile is 10 inches in thickness and has two comfort layers. The top layer is made of exclusive high-dense polyfoam that ensures top-notch air permeability, coolness, and bounce. The lower one is a comfort layer of low-density foam for excellent body conformity and decent target support. The core of this mattress uses high-density polyfoam to provide extra support and firmness to the upper, body-contouring comfort layer. Finally, the bed has a durable breathing cover knitted using spandex and polyester.

Leesa comfort layers

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The model boasts good body conformity, which means it effectively reduces pressure at problem points and helps relieve back pain by ensuring proper spinal alignment. The Leesa mattress offers well-balanced support across a variety of sleeper types and remains pleasantly silent during service. Also, you are unlikely to experience any sleep disturbances due to its outstanding ability to absorb motion energy. It is an essential characteristic of a mattress suitable for couples and those with sensitive sleep.


  • A quiet bed that absorbs motion transfer well and is ideal for sharing with a partner;
  • Back pain sufferers will find it helpful;
  • Little sagging, much conforming;
  • Very sleeper-friendly;
  • Well-suited for people who want extra springiness to their bed.


  • May start to sag early and create excess spinal pressure for side sleepers over 230 lb;
  • Not the best choice for sex;
  • Somewhat lacks support around the edges;
  • The expected service life is average;
  • Some users say it sleeps hot.

15. Casper Queen-Size Mattress

The Casper mixed-foam product comes in queen size and consists of several layers of memory foam and polyfoam. The transitional layer made of polyfoam adds to Casper’s cushioning ability, and the 7.5-inch thick support base of highly dense polyfoam ensures proper firmness and durability of the entire construction. The Casper model also features a polyester cover that you can easily take off and wash when such a need arises. The total profile thickness is 12 inches. The mattress offers close body conformity, evenly-spread support reinforced in the most sensitive zones, and superb cooling properties that make it one of the best picks among the multitude of all-foam beds.

The Casper Mattress comfort

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(more photos are available)

Close body conformity of the mattress allows for remarkable pressure reduction, so you are sure to have a relaxing rest. Its outstanding motion absorption and silent operation mean that your sleep will not be disturbed. The seller promises free shipping and a 10-year warranty and guarantees a 100-night sleep trial during which you can decide whether to keep the mattress or return it for free and get your money refunded in full.


  • Significant motion absorption;
  • Adequate conforming and zone-specific support for pressure relief;
  • Does not make noises when weight is applied;
  • Helps you sleep cool;
  • The bed nicely accommodates the needs of various sleeper types.


  • Can off-gas quite a bit (these smells are usually short-lived);
  • Sagging at the edges is possible over time;
  • The construction lacks responsiveness and bounce;
  • Not too comfy for belly sleepers;
  • Not great for people who enjoy a spring bed feel.

16. My Green Mattress (Natural Escape)

My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) is an all-green product with medium firmness. It boasts a 100% organic cover made of cotton and wool, under which there is a comfort layer of soft-feeling and durable Dunlop latex, while the core layer is made of sturdy coils encased in individual sleeves. The seller is so sure of supreme quality and durability of this product that they are willing to offer a 20-year limited warranty for it.

My Green Mattress

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(more photos are available)

The bed is designed to accommodate the unique needs of all weight groups and types of sleepers. Even hard-to-please side and back sleepers and people of significant weight will find this model extremely cozy. The product is known for its responsiveness – excellent bounce is ensured by the elastic latex in the comfort layer and the coiled support base. Switching your sleeping position and having sex is very comfortable and effortless on this mattress. Other impressive properties of the My Green Mattress are a steady air supply to the surface and reinforced edge support that prevents sagging.


  • A latex and coil bed built with ecological materials;
  • Suitable for back and side sleepers heavier than 230 lb;
  • No odors whatsoever;
  • Very nice thermal neutrality;
  • Reinforced foundation perimeter for improved edge support.


  • Lacks the ability to isolate motion and prevent its transfer across the surface;
  • Its pressure-relieving capabilities aren’t the best around;
  • May sometimes be loud during service;
  • Does not respond to pressure and motion quick enough for comfortable sex;
  • Can be a little pricier than other similar models.

17. WinkBeds (The WinkBed)

The WinkBed mattress is a lavish hybrid model for queen-sized beds. It is a combination of mid-density polyfoam and an encased coil base. Its 14.5-inch profile includes four layers. The top layer is 1.5 PCF polyfoam, and the one beneath it is a comfort layer of gel-infused foam. A layer of microcoils encased in foam gives the mattress its springy support. Finishing the construction, there is a 7.5-inch thick foundation layer of pocketed coils also encased in polyfoam.

The WinkBed

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The cover here is exceptionally light and air-penetrable since it is made of all-natural components derived from the eucalyptus wood. Given the overall eco-friendliness and durability of the materials utilized in this bed design, you will not experience any odors coming from a newly purchased product; also, its life expectancy is very good. The WinkBed does not retain heat, so cool sleeping is guaranteed. Besides, the sturdy support around the edges means it is less likely to start sinking over time.


  • Impressive support around the edges;
  • Substantial spinal support for all sleeper types and weights;
  • A proper choice for individuals weighing over 300 lb;
  • Bouncy, but capable of impressive motion absorption;
  • Back pain sufferers will find it most accommodating.


  • Won’t be the best choice for lightweight users who like to sleep on the side;
  • Can get noisy in the long term;
  • Hefty, no handles available;
  • Lacks in terms of conforming; can’t provide the hugging feeling that memory foam offers;
  • Belly sleepers may not be able to get enough support.

18. Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf is a 12-inch foam-only product available in two firmness configurations. Its 2-inch foam layer comprised of convoluted gel and the 2.5-inch foam layer featuring higher gel concentration around the center ensure immense relief of pressure in specific zones. The 7.5-inch thick core includes two supporting layers of regular and high-density polyfoam for keeping your spine aligned correctly.

Loom and Leaf

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Organic cotton woven with a little extra foam gives the cover a very soft and posh feel. The durability of the product and its motion absorption properties are laudable. Even more impressive is how closely the mattress conforms to your body, giving your spine a proper alignment and notable pressure relief at the most sensitive points. Finally, silent use is another much-appreciated quality of Loom & Leaf.


  • Side sleepers will find that the bed gives them great relaxation of pressure points in the shoulders and hips;
  • Limited transfer of motion;
  • The bed is available in two firmness configurations;
  • Best-suited for sleepers in the lightweight and average weight groups;
  • Top choice for hot sleepers.


  • May off-gas during the first couple of days;
  • Its edge support is mediocre;
  • Very little bounce, which is uncomfortable for having sex on it;
  • Will not please fans of spring beds;
  • The return policy implies paying a fee to send the bed back.

19. Tempur-Pedic (Tempur-Adapt)

The Tempur-Adapt model combines a comfort layer of premium memory foam and a sturdy support base of high-density polyfoam into an 11-inch cozy bed of medium firmness. Its durable design promises at least seven years of sag-free service, while its motion absorption capacity is outstanding.


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The mattress features very close body conformity, which grants you zone-specific relief of pressure and pain. Its construction also provides better spinal alignment for users who like to sleep on their side. The Tempur-Adapt model stays silent even under substantial weight, so you will not get awoken by its squeaking when you move in your sleep. Other perks here include free shipping, a 3-month sleep trial, and a warranty for ten years of service.


  • The bed comforts your spine in every possible way;
  • Superb absorption of motion;
  • Completely noise-free;
  • An ideal mattress for couples;
  • Highly durable design.


  • May emit unpleasant smells when it is new (the smells are usually neither too or lingering);
  • Thermal neutrality is subpar;
  • Liable to sagging at the edges;
  • Isn’t the most optimal choice for sex;
  • If you dislike memory foam products, this one is not for you.

20. Novosbed

Depending on your sleeping preferences, you can choose between the three different firmness settings that the Novosbed model can offer. This beautiful mattress consists of an elastic all-natural TENCEL™ cover, two comfort layers made of gel-infused foam or regular memory foam of varying density, and a durable polyfoam support base.


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The core layer features 6 or 7 inches of high-dense polyfoam depending on the firmness option you choose; however, regardless of the preferred firmness, the total height of the mattress will still be 11 inches. This bed truly excels in such areas as motion absorption and pressure relief at target points. The seller is willing to deliver the product to you for free and take it back at no charge if you aren’t happy with the bed. Besides, you get four months of a sleep trial along with 15 years of warranty.


  • Built of lasting memory foam for close conforming and unparalleled relief of pressure points;
  • Isolates and absorbs motion energy superbly;
  • Available in three firmness options, each can be individually adjusted after the purchase;
  • Best-suited for people who prefer sleeping on their back or side;
  • Nicely accommodates the needs of lighter users whose weight is less than 230 lb.


  • Hot sleepers may find it less comfortable;
  • Sleepers who like a bit of springiness to their mattress will not find this product too fitting;
  • The bed may give you a sagging sensation when you are sitting on its edge;
  • The less firm variations of the mattress may not be responsive enough for good sex;
  • When the bed is new, it may emit unpleasant smells for a short time.

21. Tuft & Needle (T&N Original)

The Tuft & Needle (T&N Original) model has a comfort layer comprised of polyfoam with infusions of gel and graphite and a support base layer made of highly dense polyfoam. Its cover is manufactured using polyester and polyamide that contribute to its durability and elasticity. The total thickness of the profile is 10 inches. The bed is advertised as a semi-firm product that provides you with a unique combination of ‘sleep in/sleep on’ experiences.

Tuft & Needle mattress

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Although the Tuft & Needle model is an all-polyfoam product, it does offer properties usually found in memory foam mattresses. These include the ability to absorb motion energy and make your sleep free of disturbances, targeted pressure relief, unbelievably quiet sleeping experience, and minimal sagging.


  • A fitting option if you appreciate a sensible support/conforming balance;
  • Best-suited for sleepers within the 130-230 lb weight range;
  • A very accommodating solution for couples who sleep in one bed;
  • Does not retain body heat and makes your sleep cooler;
  • Affordable price.


  • Does not have the bounce of coil mattresses or foam-and-coil beds;
  • Heavier sleepers will not be able to get enough support from the bed;
  • Poor support around the edges, which may lead to premature sagging;
  • Not the most suitable choice for active sex life;
  • May trigger back problems.

22. Aviya

The 12-inch thick construction of the Aviya queen-size bed features several foam layers and a rugged support base of encased coils. The three high-density foam layers offer incredible spinal support and top-notch pressure relief at target points. The core of the mattress is a layer of sturdy encased springs. They guarantee extra support that spreads evenly across the surface. The lower foam layer grants the whole construction added stability. The bed also comes reinforced with highly dense foam at the perimeter, which means you can make use of the entire surface without fearing sagging at the edges.


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Thanks to the layer of individually encased coils, the mattress exhibits excellent ability to ventilate air and cool down the surface. You’ll feel no unpleasant or persistent odors with this model, and its springiness is more than adequate for sex. The cover of the bed is a blend of cotton and 1-inch thick polyfoam.


  • A sensible option if you move a lot in your sleep;
  • Feels adequately bouncy;
  • A superb solution for those who tend to sleep hot;
  • No odors detected;
  • Robust support around the edges.


  • Not a good choice for front sleepers of over 130 lb;
  • Lacks in motion absorption;
  • Using it can be a little noisy;
  • The mattress durability does not impress;
  • Polyfoams in the comfort part can’t improve the conforming properties much.

23. Brooklyn Bedding (Signature)

The Brooklyn Bedding (Signature) is a fine blend of top-quality foam with excellent pressure-reducing capabilities and a reliable system of encased coils. This durable and sturdy model with a friendly price tag offers decent value for money. The two comfort layers here are a layer of the TitanFlex polyfoam with gel inclusions and a layer of the Energex polyfoam that also comprises gel particles. The cotton and polyfoam cover provides extra-soft padding.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

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The mattress foundation is built with a 6-inch layer of encased coils and a one inch of base high-density polyfoam. The overall thickness of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is 11.5 inches in all firmness options – soft, semi-firm, and firm. Such a variety of configurations means that sleepers of any weight and sleeping style can find what ideally meets their unique needs in terms of properly balanced support and pressure reduction. The design of the bed enables an uninterrupted air supply to the surface, keeping it comfortably cool at all times.


  • Three firmness configurations to choose from;
  • Can accommodate any sleeping position and weight;
  • Great cooling properties;
  • Its excellent absorption of motion energy makes the bed a good choice for couples;
  • Enhanced durability.


  • Can make infrequent noises during use;
  • Not the right pick if you prefer beds with more foam feel;
  • Lacks the bounce that sturdier innerspring systems can give;
  • Weighs a lot and is difficult to move;
  • Can off-gas slightly when new (the odors aren’t as strong as in all-foam products and vanish quickly).

24. Bear Mattress

The upper layer of the Bear Mattress model is fabricated with polyfoam and memory foam, featuring gel and graphite inclusions to ensure the comfort and coolness of your sleep. Its base layer of high-density foam and the transitional polyfoam layer guarantee the overall sturdiness and stability of the construction. This product is 10 inches thick and offers a semi-firm feel. One of the most prominent selling features of the Bear Mattress is the supreme Celliant® fabric used in the cover. It utilizes an advanced technology that allows converting the heat that your body radiates into infrared energy, which your body then re-absorbs.

Bear Mattress sleep quality better

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The said process of infrared energy reabsorption promotes oxygen supply to the body tissues, which, in turn, facilitates recovery from physically exhausting activities. As a result, the duration of your sleep and its quality improve over time. On top of that, this mattress offers outstanding isolation of motion, significant pressure relief, and no-noise service – all at a very competitive price.


  • Ensures superb relief of pressure and excellent spinal support;
  • Couples will like its motion absorption properties;
  • The innovative cover converts heat into infrared energy to improve your oxygenation;
  • A well-measured balance between support and conforming;
  • A suitable choice for people under 230 lb.


  • Unsatisfactory edge support leads to sagging at the perimeter;
  • The product can off-gas when it is new;
  • Its cooling properties are mediocre;
  • Not springy enough for comfortable sex.

25. Ikea (Haugsvär)

Ikea (Haugsvär) is a queen-sized mattress that includes a comfort layer comprised of mid-density polyfoam and a support base layer made of individually wrapped coils. The system of encased coils ensures its durability and ample support around the perimeter of the bed. It means you will not feel the roll-off effect, which you can often experience in beds without proper edge support. Its noise cancellation is a little substandard though. On the bright side, the Ikea (Haugsvär) mattress produces no smell when it is just out of the box and is capable of keeping a very comfortable sleeping temperature.

Ikea Haugsvär

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The mattress tends to get saggy early, and its springs are a bit too responsive to ensure good absorption of motion and proper spine alignment. Nevertheless, the surface of this model is bouncy enough to allow for comfortable sexual intimacy. In total, this mattress delivers on all of its advertised properties and is quite inexpensive.


  • Does not emit odors;
  • Does not keep the heat trapped and allows for cooler sleeping;
  • Laudable edge support;
  • A great pick for sex;
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty.


  • Very little if any motion absorption;
  • Can get saggy prematurely;
  • Does not offer substantial pressure relief;
  • May become noisy during exploitation;
  • Limited size range.

26. Nolah (Original 10)

Nolah (Original 10) is a comfortable 10-inch mattress designed for queen-sized beds. It uses a proprietary foam in its 2-inch top layer and highly dense foam in the 7-inch thick foundation. Finally, the one inch of softer polyfoam acts here as a transitional layer. Its temperature-control ability is superb, which is why the Nolah model is favored by hot sleepers.

Nolah Original 10

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(more photos are available)

The mattress offers a great balance of softness, responsiveness, and targeted support. It has an extra-soft, removable cover meant for dry clean only. The bed comes in a neutral firmness configuration with just a tad feeling of soft memory foam. The time it takes the mattress to regain its natural form is short, which makes it particularly comfortable for people who switch their sleeping position often.


  • The seller offers to ship and return the product for free;
  • 4-month sleep trial;
  • Supported by a 15-year warranty;
  • Excels at motion isolation;
  • Superb service life expectancy.


  • Not the best support for heavier sleepers;
  • Won’t suit you if you need a firmer bed;
  • May lack adequate responsiveness for comfortable sex;
  • Front-only sleepers may not get enough support in the hips area;
  • Insufficient support at the perimeter.

27. Helix (Midnight)

Helix (Midnight) is aimed at sleepers who seek a queen-size mattress with improved thermal neutrality. Its outstanding temperature control properties are due to the well-balanced design that combines comfort layers made of low-density foam, transitional polyfoam layers, and an air-permeable system of encased coils. The overall height of the profile is 10 inches. The bed nicely conforms to your body contours and offers immediate pressure relief at the most sensitive points.

Helix Midnight

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The product may produce odors when it is new, but these are not lasting. The bed is relatively quiet when bearing weight, and the surface is bouncy enough for couples to enjoy great sex life. The materials used in its production are chemical-free and harmless for sleepers. The seller advertises a 100-night sleep trial and ten years of warranty-protected service life.


  • A decent choice if you like beds with improved thermal neutrality;
  • Fits all sleeper types;
  • The cover is easy to remove and washable;
  • The seller guarantees to ship and return the product for free;
  • 100-night sleep trial;
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty.


  • May feel too bouncy for comfortable rest;
  • Will not give you a genuine memory foam feel;
  • Is not the quietest option available;
  • Can occasionally have unpleasant odors to it;
  • The motion-absorbing properties are unimpressive.

28. Cocoon by Sealy (Chill)

Cocoon by Sealy (Chill) is a sleeper-friendly model made entirely of foam and offered in two levels of firmness. The firmer option contains a slim upper layer of memory foam and a thicker support base layer comprised of high-density polyfoam. The softer configuration also features a transitional polyfoam layer between the bed foundation and the comfort layer of memory foam. The mattress does an excellent job of absorbing motion, so undisturbed sleep is guaranteed with this model.

Cocoon by Sealy

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The 10-inch thick Cocoon model easily adjusts to your body contours and can alleviate spinal pressure very effectively. Other noteworthy characteristics of the bed are its silence when used and a durable cover made of air-permeable materials. The upper 2-inch layer of the mattress consists of 3 PCF memory foam. The polyfoam used in the foundation layer is of higher density to ensure durability and well-balanced support across the entire surface of the bed. Hot sleepers who prefer the delicate and hugging feel of a memory foam bed will surely appreciate the Cocoon mattress.


  • An innovative cover with excellent cooling properties;
  • Grants an unparalleled memory foam feel;
  • Supports back and front sleepers nicely;
  • Available in two firmness configurations;
  • Lightweight side sleepers will find it particularly pressure-relieving;
  • A distinguished product in terms of motion absorption and noise reduction.


  • Heavier sleepers will not receive adequate spinal support;
  • Sagging is very likely due to poor edge support;
  • Side-only sleepers who enjoy softer beds will not be satisfied with this option;
  • Will not do if you aren’t a fan of memory foam products;
  • The softer surface lacks responsiveness needed for great sex.

29. Serta (Blue Fusion 100 Film)

Serta is one of the thickest mattresses out there. Its 12-inch profile ensures a chilling effect that you can feel immediately upon lying down. The air-permeable soft cushioning helps you stay cool at all times, and the sturdy support base gives the whole construction impressive steadiness. The mattress is wrapped in a light, properly ventilated cover that looks very elegant.

Serta Blue Fusion

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(more photos are available)

The memory foam layer with gel inclusions makes the bed more responsive and promotes its cooling ability even further. If you want a firm-but-not-too-hard product with excellent thermal neutrality and adequate support for heavier sleepers, this is the one. This model successfully combines the best qualities of a coiled mattress and a memory foam bed.


  • The materials used here are of top-notch quality;
  • Heavy use of innovative cooling technologies;
  • Relieves pressure wonderfully;
  • Its motion absorption properties are great;
  • Effectively keeps the sleeping temperature neutral.


  • Some sleepers find it overly firm;
  • Does not absorb all motion energy, so some of it transfers across the surface;
  • Pretty expensive;
  • May cause problems with your lower back;
  • Edge support here is on the losing side.

30. Zinus (Cooling Gel)

Zinus (Cooling Gel) is a very versatile model that comes in four different thickness options – 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches. The comfort part of the mattress includes a memory foam layer infused with gel and another layer made of polyfoam. The support base features either one or two layers of polyfoam of high density. All this is wrapped in a jacquard cover. One of the key strengths of this model is its superb ability to absorb motion energy, which leads to a much more comfortable sleeping experience.

Zinus Cooling Gel

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The well-thought-out design of the mattress ensures close conformity to the body, which makes for improved pressure relief in the areas where your spine needs the best support. Zinus is very quiet, which is good news for people who sleep lightly. The seller has set the sleep trial period at 100 nights, during which you can decide whether to keep the bed or return it to the store. The shipping is free, and the product is backed by a 10-year warranty.


  • Cooling gel particles infused in the memory foam offer impressively close conforming and great pressure relief;
  • Shines at motion absorption;
  • Offers no-noise usage;
  • 100-night sleep trial, free shipment, protected by a 10-year warranty.


  • Its durability is only average;
  • Frequent reports of unpleasant odors coming from a new product;
  • May trap heat;
  • Its support at the perimeter fails to impress; sagging is a common issue;
  • The surface may be too soft and non-responsive for quality sex life.

31. PlushBeds (The Luxury Bliss)

PlushBeds (The Luxury Bliss) is an all-green hybrid product intended for queen-size beds. Its design features natural fibers such as organic cotton in the cover, Joma Wool for improved fire resistance and thermal control, organic Dunlop latex in the comfort layer, and a sturdy system of encased coils. The 12-inch bed is available in two firmness configurations. The expected service life of this model is at least seven years. The new product does not usually have any unpleasant smells to it because of the eco-friendly and top-quality materials used to manufacture it.


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(more photos are available)

The bed does not accumulate heat and stays silent even if much weight is applied to it. The PlushBeds (The Luxury Bliss) model shows a decent level of responsiveness, which makes it an optimal choice for sex. The mattress promises adequate support and increased comfort to all types of sleepers across all weight groups due to its durable and elastic natural latex and the rugged system of individually pocketed coils.


  • A suitable pick for couples where partners belong to different weight groups;
  • A very environmentally-friendly solution;
  • Reinforced support at the edges;
  • Off-gassing is almost nonexistent;
  • A lasting design, with quiet usage and no heat-trapping.


  • Underperforms as far as motion absorption is concerned;
  • This hybrid bed can’t provide the impressive hugging sensation that you can find in an all-foam mattress;
  • Pricier than most other hybrids;
  • Mediocre ability to relieve pressure and reduce pain;
  • Its edge support may not be adequate for everyone, and sagging at the perimeter is likely.

32. Molecule (Molecule 1)

Molecule (Molecule 1) is a high-quality foam mattress of medium firmness that possesses perfect conforming and pressure relief properties. The Molecule 1 model is 12.25 inches thick and comprises three foam layers – an upper comfort layer made of memory foam, a transitional polyfoam layer, and a support base. The transitional layer has three zones of varying firmness that provide better and more targeted support for your spine. The bottom layer is the sturdiest one and utilizes highly dense polyfoam.

Molecule 1

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(more photos are available)

The product stays silent under any weight and offers incredible motion absorption. These are essential qualities for a mattress used by a couple. Molecule 1 will be an excellent choice for individuals who seek a proper balance of close conformity and evenly-spread support. People who weigh under 230lb and prefer sleeping on their side or back will find the bed most fitting. This mattress is a perfect choice if you want a product that effectively combines closely-conforming layers with zoned support and a sturdy base.


  • Close conforming and enjoyable pressure relief;
  • Outstanding motion isolation properties;
  • Well-suited for lighter sleepers of under 230 lb;
  • Stays silent under a significant weight;
  • A genuine foam bed feel.


  • Heavier users will not get decent spinal support;
  • Too soft for people who like bouncier beds;
  • Some users say it retains too much heat;
  • Weak support around the perimeter leads to premature sagging;
  • May not feel adequately responsive for comfortable sex.

33. Joybed (Joybed LX)

Joybed (Joybed LX) is an eco-friendly option that comprises several comfort layers made of plant-derived fiber, wool, and cotton. The support base utilizes a dependable encased coil system with thicker springs around the perimeter, which gives the mattress additional support at the edges. This 11-inch bed qualifies as firm. Its all-natural materials and organic cotton cover make the mattress very permeable to air and allow it to keep the sleeping temperature neutral.

Joybed LX

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Its durability is excellent, and the surface is springy enough to support and give comfort to couples having sex. The bed is mostly silent when weight is applied; however, a few reports indicate that its coils may occasionally make squeaking noises. A new bed may have a slight odor, which disappears quickly. If you are looking for an eco-friendly product that can substitute the traditional memory foam and latex, Joybed is worth checking out.


  • An impressively durable model;
  • Nice thermal neutrality;
  • Reinforced perimeter support;
  • The bed uses eco-friendly materials, which are safe for sleepers.


  • Lacks good motion absorption;
  • Its natural materials cannot offer the same conforming to the body contours as latex or memory foam products;
  • Front sleepers may find it a bit uncomfortable;
  • You can’t buy it on Amazon or in brick-and-mortar specialty stores.

34. Eco Terra

The hybrid Eco Terra mattress uses high-quality Talalay latex foam and a system of recycled steel coils, each wrapped in an individual sleeve. Apart from the sturdy coiled support layer and a 3-inch comfort layer of sustainable rubber tree fiber, the model also boasts a cover of organic cotton with a fireproof wool layer. The mattress can be supplied in two firmness variants.

Eco Terra

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(more photos are available)

The elastic Talalay latex in the comfort part and the fortified coil perimeter in the support base layer ensure the impressive durability of the product and enhanced resistance to sagging. The expected duration of its service life is at least seven years. A new Eco Terra mattress is very unlikely to produce any unpleasant smells, but even if it does, the odors tend to vanish in just a couple of days. Its thermal control is beyond praise mainly because of the well-designed encased coil foundation that enables proper circulation of air within the product.


  • An organic, nature-friendly mattress;
  • A durable bed at a very economical price;
  • Two firmness variants to pick from;
  • Ideal for lightweight users who tend to sleep on their back or side; also suitable for side sleepers whose weight is over 230 lb;
  • Excellent thermal neutrality.


  • Won’t give you improved pressure relief;
  • Front sleepers of over 230 lb may feel the need for more support with this mattress;
  • Possible noise issues;
  • Difficult to move;
  • May be too big for a standard bed frame.

35. OkiOki (OkiSoft)

OkiOki (OkiSoft) is a 10-inch foam-only mattress that comes with medium firmness. The density of its foam top layer is 2.5 PCF, while the support base features two layers of 1.75 PCF and 1.9 PCF high-density polyfoam. The cover of the OkiSoft mattress utilizes the Ice Yarn proprietary technology for extra cooling. The bed offers top-notch motion absorption and noise-free usage.


Check Price on Okioki.com

(more photos are available)

The product is available at a reasonable price and usually costs less than the majority of all-foam mattresses or foam-and-coil hybrids. The seller offers free delivery to buyers located in the conterminous United States. If you choose to try the OkiSoft model, you are guaranteed one year of a sleep trial period and a warranty for ten years. All in all, this mattress will be a suitable option for people who want an affordable all-foam product with excellent responsiveness, quiet usage, and significant motion isolation.


  • Uses premium-quality cooling materials in the comfort layers;
  • Impressive motion isolation; stays silent during use;
  • Shipping to the conterminous United States is free; comes with a one-year sleep trial and a warranty for ten years;
  • An inexpensive model;
  • Ensures cool sleep.


  • Mediocre durability;
  • Some unpleasant smells may appear when the bed is new;
  • May not please all hot sleepers;
  • The perimeter is prone to sagging over time;
  • Does not offer enough bounce for comfortable sex.

36. Amerisleep (AS2)

Amerisleep (AS2) is a queen-size foam mattress that might seem a little too firm at first, but very soon it will grant you a very soft, hugging feel. It is bouncy enough to allow you to switch your sleeping positions with ease. The product comes with a cover made of clinically tested Celliant® fabric, which is known for its outstanding heat conversion abilities. More specifically, this mineral-containing material is capable of converting the heat that you radiate into infrared light that your body re-absorbs and uses to improve oxygenation and speed up physical recovery.


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(more photos are available)

Front and back sleepers should like this product best, but the model is designed to cater to the needs of a much wider audience that spans all types and weight groups. Its three foam layers make up a structure that is 12 inches thick. The mattress features feasible ventilation and tends to sleep cool. It is possible thanks to the open-cell design of the foam comfort layer, which prevents it from trapping heat. The bed can handle motion absorption well, so sleeping on it with a partner should be very comfortable.


  • Suits all sleeper types;
  • Accommodates the needs of people across all weight groups;
  • Has a removable and washable cover;
  • The seller promises to cover the shipping and return of the product;
  • The bed has a 100-night sleep trial and is protected by a 20-year warranty.


  • Won’t suit you if you prefer beds with springs;
  • Can be a little pricey;
  • No more than medium-level support at the perimeter;
  • May retain body heat and make your sleep uncomfortable;
  • Some couples say it is not the best pick for sex.

37. BedInABox (Original)

BedInABox (Original) is a gorgeous memory foam mattress in a durable and elastic polyester cover. The bed stays consistently conforming to the contours of your body and delivers good pressure relief. Its construction features a comfort layer of 3.25 PCF memory foam infused with gel and a much sturdier and steadier support base made of 2.2 PCF polyfoam. BedInABox (Original) dampens motion energy well, giving couples a more comfortable and uninterrupted sleeping experience.


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(more photos are available)

The BedInABox (Original) model is absolutely silent in use, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of your waking up in the middle of the night because of the sudden squeaks. The buyers are given four months to sleep-try the bed, which is shipped for free and backed by a 20-year warranty.


  • Close conforming and pressure relief at sensitive points;
  • The seller ships the model for free and offers a 4-month sleep trial and 20-year warranty;
  • Very impressive durability;
  • Noise-free usage;
  • Excellent at absorbing motion.


  • The bed can produce a strong and persistent odor when it is new;
  • Fails at keeping the sleeping temperature neutral;
  • Insufficient support of the perimeter; tends to sag when you sit on its edge;
  • Not very bouncy;
  • There is a 2-month break-in period within the 4-month sleep trial.

38. Ecosa

Ecosa is a queen-size mattress that comprises several layers of prime-quality foam. All the components of the mattress work together to ease the pressure at the most sensitive points, while offering superb motion isolation and absorption. The cooling properties of this all-foam bed are excellent and comparable with the best hybrid models. However, its most prominent advantage is transformability, which allows you to switch the comfort and support layers as you deem fit to get the needed firmness and conformity configuration.


Check Price on Ecosa.com

(more photos are available)

This product is 10 inches thick and comes in a polyester cover that you can easily remove and wash. The bed has three layers of soft conforming memory foam and high-density polyfoam. The top layer is G7 memory foam infused with gel, while the second comfort layer consists of firmer Eco-Tex latex foam. Supporting the entire structure, there is a foundation layer of high-density aerated polyfoam. The mattress stays very quiet when bearing weight. Moreover, its top layer of foam with gel particles does not trap heat and ensures a much cooler sleeping experience than regular memory foam products.


  • Multiple firmness options are made possible by the highly transformable design;
  • Consistently excellent motion isolation and quiet usage;
  • Enhanced airflow to the surface keeps it cool throughout the night;
  • An affordable product;
  • Closely conforms to your body in all possible firmness configurations.


  • Its edge support does not impress and sagging around the perimeter often occurs before its due time;
  • Sex is not as comfortable on this bed because of its low responsiveness;
  • Medium durability;
  • May release some odor when new;
  • White-glove delivery is unavailable.

39. DreamFoamBedding (Sojourn 12)

This 12-inch mattress designed for queen-size beds has three foam layers of varying density and firmness. The first 1.5-inch layer of gel foam offers superb thermal regulation, which makes your sleep very cool and refreshing. The second 2.5-inch layer of memory foam ensures excellent conforming to the contours of your body and gives your pressure points tremendous relief. The support base layer is 8-inch thick and made of polyurethane foam. This bottom layer is there for added stability and strength of the entire construction.

DreamFoamBedding Sojourn 12

Check Price on Dreamfoambedding.com

(more photos are available)

The cover of the mattress utilizes a blend of bamboo and cotton fabrics, which makes it super elastic, durable, and air-permeable. The DreamFoamBedding (Sojourn 12) model is well-suited to support all sleeping styles. Its springiness is somewhat mediocre, but the ability to dampen motion and not let it transfer across the surface is great.


  • Offers zone-specific support and pressure relief;
  • Perfect for hot sleepers;
  • Does an excellent job of absorbing motion;
  • A great option for sex.


  • Some buyers say it does not provide them with enough softness;
  • May not sleep cool enough for some;
  • The perimeter lacks reinforced support;
  • Some say the comfort part is too thin.

40. Latex for Less

Latex for Less is a flippable queen-size mattress with a dual firmness configuration. The use of natural latex foam ensures impressive durability of the bed and supreme motion absorption for undisturbed sleep. The Latex for Less mattress includes four layers, of which the middle two can be used for support or comfort, depending on the bed orientation. One of the two layers is Talalay latex of medium firmness, and the other one is firm Dunlop latex.

Latex for Less

Check Price on Latexforless.com

(more photos are available)

On each side of the latex layers, there is a layer of natural wool and an eco-friendly cotton cover. The Latex for Less model boasts excellent pressure-reducing properties. It will be most helpful for back sleepers who require a bit of extra lower back support. The mattress doesn’t retain heat and makes your sleep exceptionally cool. Finally, its surface offers good bounce and responsiveness, which is very important for comfortable sex.


  • Enhanced lumbar support for back sleepers;
  • Very quiet exploitation, good motion absorption;
  • Eco-friendly design;
  • Enhanced durability;
  • Two usable surfaces of different firmness.


  • It is too firm for lightweight users who sleep on the side;
  • May have a mild latex odor that lingers for the first few days of use;
  • Mediocre perimeter support;
  • The profile may not be high enough for sleepers who have difficulties with getting out of bed;
  • The mattress is rather heavy, so flipping it can be difficult.

41. Latex Mattress Factory (Naturale)

Latex Mattress Factory (Naturale) is a superb queen-size product featuring a well-balanced and robust design that will fully satisfy your sleeping needs and serve you for a long time. This all-natural flippable bed made of quality latex foam is entirely safe and highly hygienic. Regardless of the sleeping surface you choose or your sleeping style, you are guaranteed to enjoy a good, restorative sleep free from disturbances.

Latex Mattress Factory

Check Price on Latexmattressfactory.com

(more photos are available)

Each side of the mattress has a slim cover of organic cotton with natural wool added for an extra plush feel. The wool possesses natural fireproof properties that eliminate the need to use chemicals. This organic latex product can accommodate the varied needs of all types of sleepers across all weight groups, including heavier front sleepers.


  • Materials used in this design are 100% natural and safe;
  • This two-sided mattress allows you to choose the firmness that fits your sleeping needs best;
  • A breathing cover made of ecologically pure cotton;
  • Best choice for heavier sleepers;
  • Sleeper-friendly and highly durable.


  • The shipping is not free if you return the bed;
  • If you dislike organic beds, this mattress will not be a good option for you;
  • A rather expensive model;
  • Some say its latex foam density is not as high as they expected.

42. SleepEZ (Organic)

SleepEZ (Organic) is a supreme queen-size mattress made of aerated latex, which you can easily customize to fit your individual sleeping needs. The bed features three layers of high-quality Talalay or Dunlop latex capable of letting the air pass and keeping the sleeping surface cool. The cotton and wool cover of the mattress is soft and durable. Moreover, your purchase will come with free pillows. The larger mattress size you choose, the more bonus pillows you’ll get. The SleepEZ (Organic) model offers virtually perfect motion absorption and stays virtually silent during use.

SleepEZ Organic

Check Price on Sleepez.com

(more photos are available)

Residents of the contiguous U.S. will appreciate free shipping and a 3-month sleep trial that the seller offers. Customizable firmness of the mattress means that you can choose the most optimal balance of conforming and support based on your immediate sleeping needs. The mattress does not trap heat and ensures a very cool sleeping experience overall.


  • Extremely durable design;
  • Very cool-sleeping mattress;
  • Noise-free usage and superb motion absorption;
  • Free shipping to the contiguous U.S.;
  • Customizable firmness.


  • Poor support at the perimeter;
  • A hefty model, which can be difficult to move;
  • The seller offers no free return for this product;
  • May smell of rubber when the bed is new;
  • Low responsiveness.

43. Lifekind (The Euro)

Lifekind (The Euro) is a queen-sized latex bed made of 100% natural organic rubber, which is a safe and suitable material for allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as for people with other breathing problems. The 6-inch foundation layer of the mattress ensures proper support and comfort for various types of sleepers across all weight groups. It is also an excellent choice for couples since Lifekind features almost zero motion transfer.

Lifekind Euro

Check Price on Lifekind.com

(more photos are available)

Lifekind needs minimal maintenance. You will not have to rotate or turn it more often than once or twice a year. This 7-inch thick mattress is manufactured in the USA and can be shipped to you using a white-glove service.


  • The support base is six inches thick and comprises organic, all-natural rubber;
  • An excellent purchase for couples;
  • Caters for the sleeping needs of various types and weight groups of sleepers;
  • A splendid sleeping experience due to the low motion transfer;
  • The mattress does not need frequent flipping.


  • If you dislike organic products for some reason, this mattress won’t suit you;
  • Free shipping is only available to customers who live in the contiguous U.S.;
  • Several reports show that the mattress arrived in a damaged package;
  • Sleepers who prefer a Full XL bed will not find this option here.

44. Bolster Sleep Company (Hybrid)

Bolster Sleep Company (Hybrid) is one of the most sleeper-friendly options out there. The mattress is designed to help you make the most out of each nap and always wake up feeling well-rested. The bed utilizes innovative technologies geared towards improving the quality and durability of your sleep. It offers reinforced edge support, enhanced coil sturdiness, and improved cooling properties of the foam. The TENCEL™ fiber used in the cover boasts impressive durability and helps keep your sleeping temperature neutral at all times.

Bolster Sleep Company

Check Price on Bolstersleep.com

(more photos are available)

The seller gives you a 10-year warranty for this product, further supported by a 100-night sleep trial during which you can test the bed and see if it is a good match for you. The bed is shipped promptly, and the seller’s customer care service is very efficient.


  • Zero motion transfer;
  • Offers a very cool sleeping experience;
  • Capable of giving a refreshing night’s sleep;
  • Free sleep trial period, prompt delivery.


  • Not a great pick if you prefer softer, more hugging beds;
  • Will not give you the plywood type of firmness;
  • Some say it sleeps too cool;
  • The bed cannot offer close conforming.

45. Nighslee (Mattress In Box)

Nighslee (Mattress In Box) is an averagely-thick bed with a close conforming top layer made of aerated foam and a transitional layer infused with bamboo for improved breathing properties. Together, they ensure incredibly comfortable and cool sleep for all types of users. Back and side sleepers will find that this model effectively relieves pain caused by pressure accumulating in the most sensitive points.

Nighslee Mattress In Box

Check Price on Nighslee.com

(more photos are available)

To see if the bed is a good match, you will have a 100-night sleep trial. If you are not satisfied, the mattress can be returned to the seller free of charge. The delivery of Nighslee (Mattress In Box) is free, and the product comes protected by a 10-year warranty. Finally, the base of the mattress is customizable, so you will be able to adjust its firmness/thickness to your needs.


  • The seller gives you a no-risk sleep trial period of 100 nights along with a 10-year warranty;
  • The product will be shipped to you for free;
  • Sleeper-friendly and customizable base;
  • Superb motion absorption properties;
  • Provides a very cool sleep.


  • Inadequate support at the edges;
  • Insufficient responsiveness;
  • Comes in a single firmness option;
  • May trap heat, according to some reports.

46. Sweet ZZZ (Natures Novel)

Sweet ZZZ (Natures Novel) is a durable 12-inch mattress that features a natural wool-and-cotton cover, a comfort layer made of 4-inch Talalay latex, and a sturdy Dunlop latex foundation that is 7 inches thick. The bed feels firmer than most similar models, but can be comfortable enough to provide you with a good night’s rest. Its durability is great, and the mattress will last for at least eight years. Made of latex foam and comprising an air-permeable natural cover, Sweet ZZZ possesses excellent thermal neutrality.

Sweet ZZZ Natures Novel

Check Price on Sweetzzzmattress.com

(more photos are available)

Its other advantages include noise-free usage, adequate motion absorption, and relatively good support around the perimeter. Pay attention that the support base layer is blended Dunlop latex and, therefore, may contain some synthetic substances. The rest of the bed’s construction is 100% natural and safe.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty;
  • Keeps the temperature perfectly neutral;
  • Highly adept at isolating motion, remains very quiet during use;
  • Durable and resistant to sagging at the edges;
  • Free shipping is available to all customers who reside in the contiguous U.S.


  • Only one firmness option available;
  • The sleep trial requires a month-long break-in period;
  • A rather heavy model;
  • Very little conforming to the body contours;
  • May not be the most optimal choice for sex.

47. 2920 Sleep

2920 Sleep is a 10-inch lightweight product made entirely of polyfoam. Its profile includes a comfort layer of soft polyfoam, a transitional and a foundation layers comprised of medium-density and high-density polyfoam accordingly. Its polyester cover is very stretchy and durable.

2920 Sleep

Check Price on 2920sleep.com

(more photos are available)

This mattress is a wonderful match for lightweight users who prefer sleeping on their side or back. Its motion absorption ability is off the charts, and the bed stays very quiet under a substantial weight. All this makes 2920 Sleep a superb choice for couples where one of the partners sleeps sensitively and wakes up easily. The top comfort layer of soft polyfoam ensures close conforming and a nice hugging feel along with added support for your shoulders and hips.


  • Incredible absorption of motion energy;
  • Entirely noise-free usage;
  • Close and consistent conforming to the body contours;
  • A super lightweight mattress;
  • All U.S. residents are guaranteed free shipping.


  • It only comes in one thickness option, so adjusting its firmness to your preferences is impossible;
  • Low responsiveness, incompatible with comfortable sex;
  • Its thermal neutrality is not the best you can find;
  • Prone to sagging at the perimeter due to poor edge support;
  • Heavier sleepers will not find it accommodating enough.

48. Luma Mattress

Luma Mattress is a customizable hybrid bed that features a few comfort layers of Talalay latex and a system of durable encased coils in the support base. The total thickness of the profile stands at 11.5 inches, and the construction is wrapped in a TENCEL™ cover made of soft and durable lyocell fabric. By swapping the layers in the comfort part, you can adjust the firmness to your specific sleeping needs. Natural latex ensures an impressive life expectancy of the bed and enhances its sagging resistance.

Luma Sleep

Check Price on Lumasleep.com

(more photos are available)

Luma Mattress is capable of maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night thanks to its air-permeable cover and nice airflow through the coil foundation to the surface. The bed boasts reinforced support around the perimeter, so sagging will not occur any time soon. Finally, it is very responsive and bouncy, which means that the bed will be very comfortable for sex.


  • Customizable comfort part;
  • Outstanding expected service life;
  • Available at an affordable price;
  • Free delivery to the contiguous U.S.;
  • Super-responsive and accommodating for sex.


  • Too heavy to move it on your own;
  • Its motion absorption is not the best around;
  • May release unpleasant odors at first;
  • Not entirely noise-free.

49. GDF Studio (Aloe Gel Memory Foam)

GDF Studio (Aloe Gel Memory Foam) is a foam mattress that utilizes the most innovative technologies aimed at giving you peaceful and restorative sleep every night. All the materials used to produce this bed are hypoallergenic and of prime quality. The comfort layer of the GDF Studio model includes memory foam infused with gel particles that guarantee more targeted assistance in relieving pressure.

GDF Studio

Check Price on Gdfstudio.com

(more photos are available)

The gel also serves as a cooling agent and helps keep your sleeping temperature neutral. GDF Studio (Aloe Gel Memory Foam) is a particularly soft and plushy bed that does not, however, compromise on its supportive and pressure-relieving features. The removable cover is easy-to-wash, which makes your sleeping experience even more comfortable and hygienic.


  • The mattress uses non-allergenic, high-quality materials;
  • Keeps your body temperature neutral throughout the night;
  • An excellent choice for couples who share the bed;
  • The cover can be easily removed and washed;
  • It is a no-assembly product.


  • Not enough bounce to ensure comfortable sex;
  • Its motion absorption needs improving;
  • It sleeps hot for some.

50. Level Sleep

Level Sleep is a well-designed bed that includes a comfort layer of highly elastic polyfoam and a transitional zoned layer. The firmness of the transitional polyfoam layer varies across its different zones to provide you with more targeted support. Thus, the part where your back lies is firmer to ensure proper alignment of the spine, while the head of the bed uses softer foam to help your neck and shoulders sink in slightly. The waist area is supported by the foam of medium firmness, which is great for relieving pressure in the hip area.

Level Sleep

Check Price on Levelsleep.com

(more photos are available)

The support base layer is comprised of high-density polyfoam, and the overall thickness of the construction is 11 inches. Other prominent characteristics of this bed include nice motion isolation, silent usage, and high responsiveness.


  • Its comfort layer is divided into zones to offer you more targeted support;
  • Nice motion absorption, ideal for couples;
  • Zone-specific relief of pressure;
  • Very silent when bearing significant weight.


  • Unimpressive life;
  • May have some unpleasant odors that take a few days to vanish;
  • May not satisfy hot sleepers enough;
  • Weak support at the perimeter.

Additional Information on Queen-Size Mattresses

Shopping for a new mattress online is a convenient option. Most of the time, you will get the promised quality and will be satisfied with your purchase. Nevertheless, a new mattress is a very intimate item that directly affects how well you rest, so it is very advisable that you try it in person before buying. Go to a store and look at the models available there, find the one that suits all your needs, and then see if you can find it online at a more appealing price.

You can also save quite a bit if you choose to shop for a mattress during a seasonal sale. It is usually a busy time for sellers, so there might be no one available to help you with the decision-making. It is best to come to the store well-informed and knowing your needs; otherwise, you might purchase something that will disappoint you later.

Note that some pillow-top mattresses seem comfortable and fluffy at first but can flatten out after just a few nights’ use. It’s worth remembering that pillow-top models are usually thicker than other types of mattresses, so you might also have to splurge on new bedlinen. Do not let anyone else choose a new mattress for you if you are the one who is going to be sleeping on it. Tastes differ, and, in this particular case, that difference can be very significant.

Consult with your partner if both of you are going to use the new mattress. Do not fall for frills and costly features that you will not benefit from. Very often, stores put the most expensive models on display, while keeping cheaper options at the warehouse.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Knowing how to clean your mattress and keep it in shipshape condition will not only help extend its service life but will also considerably improve your sleep quality. Taking out stains and removing unpleasant odors is not a very complicated task, but it should be a part of your regular mattress care routine. Read the following instructions and learn how to get rid of dirt, smells, bugs, and allergens effectively. These simple tips will let you enjoy a good night’s rest on your mattress of choice for a much longer time!

Start with taking off your bed linens. Before you put those in the washing machine, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the maximum safe temperature – hot washing is better as it will eradicate house dust mites and bugs more effectively. In the meanwhile, get down to cleaning the mattress itself.

Vacuuming comes first, but make sure to use proper equipment for that – most home vacuum cleaners have multiple attachments meant for upholstery. There are many ways to vacuum a mattress; we recommend doing it in narrow, lengthwise stripes that slightly overlap one another. Once you have finished cleaning the sleeping surface, move on to the sides, then do the whole thing again.

Freshening up the mattress and removing unpleasant odors requires some baking soda. Just spread the powder over the surface and softly rub it in with a special brush. This way, the soda powder can penetrate the fabric deep enough to remove the smell entirely. Give it ten minutes before vacuuming the mattress again using the same appliance. By doing things in that particular order, you can be sure that nothing prevents your deodorizing agent from getting inside the top layer of the mattress textile, where it can bind with moisture and other contaminants that create the unpleasant smell.

The next step is to remove any stains left by bodily fluids or food and drink spills. Let us see which techniques exist to get rid of those.

Dry Bloodstains

Mix ¼ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoonful of dish detergent and the same amount of kitchen salt. Blend those in until they become a smooth paste that you will then apply to the stain and leave there to dry. Remove any visible remnants from the surface and use a white cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide to wipe off the stain. Make sure you are always using a clean part of the cloth. Never use colored fabrics for this task as the dye from it may transfer to the mattress through a chemical reaction.

Urine Stains

Urine stains left on the mattress by kids or pets are a frequent mishap. They are messier and smellier than bloodstains and are harder to clean, but it is still possible. First, let them dry fully before doing anything about the problem. The prep includes mixing three tablespoons of baking soda with 8 oz. of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a tad of dish detergent. Apply the resulting mixture onto the urine stain using a white cloth. Make sure the mattress does not get soaked.

Usually, that is all it takes to remove a urine stain for good. However, if it lingers, you may want to try another technique that involves blending a tablespoon of water with three tablespoons of dry washing powder. Whip them well until they produce a foam, which you are to apply to the stain and leave for 30 minutes. Any dried bits of the foam can be easily scraped off with a spoon, then you will again need a while cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide to remove the most persistent remnants. When the treated spot dries fully, you can vacuum it carefully.

Stains from Other Bodily Fluids

Don’t forget to open the windows in the room before you start cleaning since you will be using ammonia. Slightly moisten a small piece of white cloth with odorless household ammonia and dab the stain with it. Make sure the area of the mattress you are treating does not get drenched. Take another white cloth and soak it in clean water – you will need it to remove the stain. If the first attempt is unsuccessful, give it five minutes and try again.

Once you have been able to lift the stain, use another clean white towel and water to wipe the treated area entirely. Baking soda spread onto the still damp surface will help counteract the ammonia and withdraw the remaining moisture from the mattress. Once you have soda-treated the spot where the stain was, let it dry naturally, then vacuum clean the entire thing using the upholstery attachment.

Additional Cleaning Steps

As soon as you get through with one side, flip the mattress and start over. When doing that, make sure you switch the sides and turn it top-to-bottom so that it wears down in equal measure. If your mattress comes with pillow-top padding or is not flippable, feel free to skip this phase.

If you want your mattress to look its best for a long time, use a removable and launderable cover. Wash it clean right after a spill or other accident occurs. If nothing of the kind happens, give it a machine wash every month. It should be enough to maintain the freshness of your bed.

It is vital to routinely clean your mattress if you live in a high-humidity area where moisture does not dry naturally, thus making your bed lose its fresh, untainted feel over time.

When Is Cleaning the Mattress no Longer an Option?

Removing stains and smells from your mattress or eradicating dust mites is never easy or fun, but it is a manageable task. The same, alas, cannot be said when there is mold or extensive bed bug infestation. In these situations, throwing the old mattress away and buying a new one is the only way to eliminate the problem.

Mold. If your cleaning went wrong and you did not give the mattress enough time to dry, mildew is an expected complication. The worst part is that by the time you finally notice it, it is usually far too late to try anything. Even professional cleaning companies cannot guarantee 100% success. Sleeping on the bed and simply being around the mattress infected with mold carries a measurable risk for your health. That is why when that kind of trouble happens, replacing the mattress is often the smartest thing to do.

Bed bug infestation. If you are lucky and very observant, you may be able to spot and eradicate bed bugs when there are just a few of them. If the infestation grows and spreads, you will not have much choice but to replace the bed. Sleeping on a mattress swarmed with bed bugs is a nightmare come true. A word of advice: these insects can migrate around your house. Treat all soft surfaces, furniture, and clothes with a specialized insecticide before shopping for a new mattress.

The old mattress is in dismal condition. If you still can do something to give your old mattress a second life, you ought to try. A little soda, washing soap, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and water coupled with hours of hard work on your part, and your mattress can become as good as new. However, if it has been in use for too long, the bed can end up losing not only its freshness but also other essential qualities such as the ability to support your weight and keep your spine properly aligned.

Useful Tips for Mattress Owners

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your new mattress:

  • Carefully calculate which mattress size will fit your needs best;
  • Do not purchase without trying it out first;
  • Be meticulous about choosing the right firmness option;
  • Decide if you want a pillow-top model or a different type of mattress;
  • Analyze all the information you can find on the mattress type you are interested in;
  • Compare the terms and prices in regular and online stores to find the best offer;
  • See if you can get a discount or a special deal on the model of interest;
  • Visit stores that specialize in selling mattresses and bedding accessories;
  • Ask around for advice and read online reviews from real customers;
  • Don’t be too trusting and do not rely on a long-term warranty alone to protect you;
  • Buy from the seller whose sleep trial terms and return policy are the most customer-centric;
  • Consider purchasing a new pillow (especially if you had to dispose of the old mattress because of bed bugs).

A long-time warranty is a perfect selling point, but it is not always an indicator of a fair deal. A warranty only matters if it comes from a seller or manufacturer who stands by their product; otherwise, a defect will be harder to prove the more time has passed since the purchase. Only purchase your new mattress from a store that allows you to return the product if you are not satisfied with its design or how well it sleeps. Always carefully read the return policy conditions prior to buying a product.

Do not feel too shy to ask for a discount if the product is too costly. All brick-and-mortar retail stores hike their prices many times, and some might choose to back off a little to attract new customers. If they cannot offer you a lower price, they might be willing to throw in some perks and extras to make your purchase more advantageous.

All mattresses, however much they cost, are potentially vulnerable to sagging. It can become a critical issue as it affects how much pressure your spine suffers during sleep. Luckily, sagging is a reversible problem, and we will tell you how exactly you can manage it.

Repairing a Saggy Mattress

The fault with all saggy mattresses is not only that they look and feel past their prime, but that they significantly reduce the quality of your sleep and can potentially trigger multiple health problems. A sagging mattress can cause spinal misalignment and lead to problems with your back and posture. It also impairs blood flow, which, in turn, affects the functioning of your vital organs.

That is why it’s so important to inspect your mattress regularly for any signs of sagging. If you cannot see any sags with your bare eye, try putting something flat and long (like a ruler or a measuring stick) onto the mattress. Any visible gaps between the mattress surface and the object will indicate a sagging problem. Mattresses commonly sag where the most weight is applied. Another way to check the mattress’s condition is to examine it manually for areas that feel harder, bumpier, or otherwise different from the rest of the surface.

When the diagnosis is clear, you can either throw the mattress away or try fixing it. Repairing a saggy mattress will take some time and effort, but how much exactly depends on the mattress type.

Memory Foam Mattress

To fix a saggy mattress made of memory foam, you may turn it over if it is a flippable model or spin it 180 degrees if the mattress is one-sided. By doing so, you will apply pressure to different areas. Redistributing your weight like that may not improve the looks of the mattress significantly, but it will make for a much healthier sleeping experience.

One more thing to try is a thick mattress topper, which should help level out the uneven surface. With so many options to choose from, including cooling, pressure-relieving, and even scented products, you will not have difficulty giving your mattress a brand-new feel.

Pillow-Top Mattresses

These products are usually single-sided, so flipping them to fix or hide sagging is not an option. The only thing to try here is rotating the mattress 180 degrees to relocate the weight. If sagging is not too bad, you may even flat out the surface eventually.

One more thing you can do to help a saggy pillow-top product is to place a 1-inch thick wooden board between the bedspring/bedstead and the sagging areas of the mattress. Note that the board will give your bedding extra firmness.

Broken or weakened springs in a bedspring may also be the reason why your mattress gets saggy. Testing springs includes applying pressure to them to see how well they bounce back.

Using Plywood to Fix Sagging Products

If sagging is not so critical, plywood can give your mattress some additional support in selected areas and become a decent alternative to the above-said wooden board. Place a plywood sheet between the mattress and the box spring, and you will be amazed at its renewed sturdiness. Mind that you might need to double the amount of plywood if it is a bed frame or a lamella bed.

If you want even more support, try cutting a piece of plywood that is big enough to cover the entire undersurface of the mattress.

The Bottom Line

When deciding which mattress to buy, pay close attention to its target sleeper types and weight. You will have to make sure that the chosen model matches your needs perfectly and can provide you with the best possible sleeping experience. Mind the materials used in the production of the mattress as they all come with their benefits and limitations.

If you choose well, your new mattress will supply the required level of comfort and support, which will eliminate issues like hot sleeping, frequent waking up during the night, misalignment of the spine, etc. Take the matter of choosing the right firmness configuration seriously. A tiny slipup, and you will be stuck with a bed that causes back pain and headaches.

Your perfect mattress should be the one that is durable and not prone to quick sagging. If it also comes with sturdy support around the edges, sagging is less likely, and there will be no roll-off effect.

We hope that this detailed guide will make it easier for you to find your dream mattress, which will keep you comfortable and well-rested for a long time.