by Kenneth Murphy

Organic mattresses have become a perfect alternative to conventional models. Being made of all-natural materials, they are highly recommended to people with sensitivity and allergic reactions, kids, as well as those who value the ecological safety of furniture and anything that surrounds them.

30 Seconds Summary

Our team is excited to announce our updated TOP 3 organic mattress picks for August 2023!

The Best Choice
  • Top Choice For Orthopedically Correct Sleep.
Premium Choice
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic.
Save $200 With Code SF200
  • Perfect Combo of All-Natural Materials and Comfort.
  1. Awara – Top Choice For Orthopedically Correct Sleep. It’s suitable for people who prefer moderately rigid mattresses and only start switching to organic options. Height: 13 inches. Firmness: higher than average.
  2. Saatva – Naturally Hypoallergenic. The mattress ensures a weightless, cloud-like feeling while distributing the pressure evenly, which makes it orthopedically healthy.
  3. Birch – Perfect Combo of All-Natural Materials and Comfort. The mattress is designed to ensure maximum durability and optimal spinal posture during sleep. Height: 11 inches. Firmness: medium.

A good mattress is important for health and happiness. All in all, we spend 53 hours a week lying on it, with an average person sleeping 7.5 hours a night, or even more if you relax during the day.

The wrong choice of a mattress can cause muscle pain, exposure to hazardous chemicals, negative effects on the environment, or even combine all of the above. On the opposite, a quality mattress ensures good rest, provides a sense of satisfaction with sleep, and stays harmless for health.

TOP 47 Organic Mattresses

The market offers an enormous amount of organic mattresses: many of them are made of latex. However, it’s not the only important aspect that ensures the model’s safety and orthopedic benefits.

In these reviews, you will read about the strong and weak sides of organic mattresses to make an informed decision and purchase a model that will bring you restful, rejuvenating sleep.

1. Awara – Top Choice For Orthopedically Correct Sleep

This mattress is a perfect combination of organic cotton, humanely-sourced New Zealand Wool, natural Dunlop latex foam with a premium coil support core. Available in all sizes from twin to king, it’s produced of natural latex, does not contain phthalates or formaldehyde. The 13” inch thickness makes it a perfect choice for healthy & comfortable sleep.

Awara mattress

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The top layer is a breathable organic material made of New Zealand wool and organic cotton. Then goes 4” natural Dunlop latex foam made of the juice of real rubber trees. 9” of contouring support coils ensure proper spinal support and help to relieve pressure. The outer case is made of a soft base layer made of cotton/poly material.

Thanks to all-natural layers, the mattress stays breathable and cool during sleep, which makes it longer and healthier. The product comes with a 10-year warranty: the materials are highly durable. Many users admit that it provides a special weightless feeling: you lie on your bed and relax fully. The mattress distributes weight from head to toe and relieves pressure from the neck, shoulders, and hips. The motion is not transferred much, so two people won’t disturb each other.

What makes Awara organic mattress stand out:

  • All-natural cotton, wool, and latex;
  • A mattress is chemical-free;
  • Relieves pressure from the body, feels soft and cool;
  • 10-year warranty is provided;
  • Breathable materials;
  • The company offers a possibility to test the Awara mattress for one year!

2. Saatva – Naturally Hypoallergenic

Saatva mattress is made of non-chemical materials, including Talalay latex with OEKO-TEX certification, wool sourced from New Zealand, and organic cotton used for tufts. The cover is protected with Guardin, a natural botanical antimicrobial substance.


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There are several size variations are available. The mattress is 10” high and includes several layers. Soft cover with knitted organic cotton protects the construction against dust. Wool is hygroscopic, it breathes and allows for optimal thermal regulation, not mentioning its fire-retardant features. 1.5” layer of Talalay latex is zones for providing more support to shoulders and hips. The following latex layers ensure softness and stay completely breathable.

In comparison with other models, this one does not have independent coils: instead, there are several layers of latex. This makes mattress cool enough and create bouncing foam feeling that’s often considered better than with springs. According to customers’ reviews, the mattress has gentle firmness and retains shape pretty well.


  • Non-toxic materials with certificates (wool, cotton, latex);
  • 10” inch height makes it a bit more compact than its counterparts;
  • Breathable and non-inflammable;
  • 20-year warranty and 120-night trial period.


  • Absence of coils makes it less convenient for some users;
  • Quite expensive;
  • Lack of handles for transportation.

3. Birch – Perfect Combo of All-Natural Materials and Comfort

The secret of this chemical-free mattress is use of Birch wool: it provides comfort and proper insulation for a mattress. All organic wool is exported from New Zealand, and each farm uses the best practices for sheep feeding and pasturing.

Birch Natural Mattress

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The latex layer is also made of 100% natural material: Talalay latex is collected in the words in Brazil, Africa, and Southeast Asia. It is sourced from properly monitored and cared plantations being OEKO-TEX certified.

This organic mattress has the best features of the above- mentioned models. First, the wool and other natural materials absorb heat and moisture well while the stuff upper layer allows regulating temperature for the cool sleep. Secondly, Talalay latex ensures pressure relief and ensures a fantastic bounce feeling: it embraces body curves but stays firm. Thirdly, the pocketed coil system is made of individual steel springs that distribute pressure evenly and do not transfer motion: you and your partner won’t bother each other’s sleep.

Other advantages of Birch organic mattress include:

  • Orthocortex and paracortex construction allows wool curls restore their shape. That contributes to longer service life and durability.
  • The natural wool fibers and other organic materials can be bent over 20,000 times before breaking.
  • Hygroscopic layers create proper insulation for better temperature regulation;
  • Wool is a flame-retardant material. It turns into carbon when contacting with flame, which prevents fire and makes such mattress safer than its synthetic counterparts;
  • 25-year warranty, free shipping, and 100-night free trial.

4. Avocado – Organic Materials Sourced From All Over The World

One of the healthiest options around, Avocado mattress is made of GOLS-certified latex, GOTS-certified wool and organic cotton. It does not contain any toxic components, stays fire-resistant and does not emit harmful gases. Each layer has its own benefits.


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(more photos are available)

Being sourced from Asian and African forests, latex offers durability, temperature maintenance, and high performance. Organic wool is hygroscopic: it allows for optimal temperature distribution, has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, resists to mites. The material is ethically sourced from India. Organic cotton is a breathable and soft fabric that complements all-natural materials and serves to encase the mattress sections in a reliable and safe way.

According to unbiased reviews, the mattress has higher-than-average firmness, but distributes pressure evenly and relieves pressure from the spine. It’s possible thanks to 1,414 independently pocketed coils: they make the mattress repeat the natural body curves and support hips and shoulders. Besides, sleepers won’t disturb each other when moving.


  • All-organic materials – no chemicals are added;
  • Boasts fire safety;
  • 25-year quality;
  • 1-year free trial;
  • Can be complemented with the pillow top and organic pillows.


  • Mattress is very firm even with the pillow top;
  • Not equally comfortable for all users.

5. Brentwood Home – When Coils Are Enhanced With Latex

One more non-toxic mattress in our list, Brentwood Home has a lot of eco-certificates and awards: we should say, the product has totally deserved the props and acclaim from the users. What makes it special?

Brentwood Home

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First, the manufacturer uses GOLS organic certified latex with computer-cut layers. Its sculpted upper side provides spinal support and ensures optimal firmness. Comfort zones relieve pressure for natural body curves. Secondly, there are about 1,414 pocketed coils made of steel: they provide crucial support for sleeper’s hips and shoulders. It ensures a weightless feeling. Thirdly, Brentwood Home uses GOTS organic certified wool and cotton that’s naturally sourced from India.

Other outstanding features of the natural mattress include:

  • Wool tufting comprises multiple layers that make bedding soft and nice. No chemicals are added between the comfort layers;
  • Coconut buttons are hand-made and sourced from a small button shop in Brooklyn. They help to hold straps and keep the mattress in a perfect condition;
  • Hand-stitched handles are reinforced: the allow moving the mattress with less efforts and attaching Euro topper to be hold in place;
  • 5 strategic zones in the coil layer relieve pressure and make up for this very non-gravitating sense: users feel like lying on a cloud;
  • Manufacturer provides 25-year warranty and 1-year free sleep trial.

6. My Green Mattress – Firm But Bouncy

Natural Escape by My Green Mattress is a luxurious option that has 5-zone coil innersprings for maximum support of spine, shoulders, and hips. GOLS certified organic latex stays breathable, doesn’t collect bacteria and mold, and contributes to thermal regulation. It would be perfect for a couple and a calm sleep in any positions.

Natural Escape

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Aside from latex, the mattress contains GOTS-certified organic cotton and organic wool. The first one is free from pesticides and synthetic fibers: it encases the layers staying breathable. Wool helps in temperature regulation, it’s fire-resistant and biodegradable.

With 1,074 springs, My Green Mattress ensures perfect lumbar and edge support, reduces motion transfer, and provides enough firmness to keep all body parts. Thanks to the edge support, the mattress eliminates the feeling like you’re going to roll off. It stays cool and comfy. This model has higher than moderate firmness, so it will appeal to back sleepers or stomach sleepers.


  • All-natural materials;
  • 5 support zones;
  • Fire-retardant;
  • Moderate price;
  • 20-year warranty and 120-night trial.


  • Handles aren’t reliable enough – they might tear when you carry a mattress;
  • Not the best option for side sleepers due to the firmness.

7. Ecosleep – Flip And Vary Firmness

Ecosleep is a flip-side mattress that allows you choosing between firm and medium rigidness for varying your sleep experience. Made of Joma wool and 100% organic cotton, it combines breathable materials for cool and comfy sleep on both sides. The materials There is a 1.5” latex layer that adjusts to body curves and delivers great pressure relief while helping to maintain proper spinal position.

Ecosleep Hybrid

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This is a nontoxic and non-inflammable mattress: wool and cotton turn to carbon instead of setting aflame, so this is a safer option. No chemicals have been used during the process of production, and the mattress does not emit gases.

The 6” base includes 952 individually encased coils that block motion transfer during the sleep and provides additional support for the body. According to the customers, the double-sided mattress is perfect for choosing ideal rigidness. You can switch between firmer or plush sleep experience, so sleeping on side or back will be equally comfortable. However, the model comes without handles – it complicates transportation considerably.


  • 100% organic materials;
  • 120-night trial period;
  • Double-sided;
  • Moderate price.


  • No handles;
  • Less coils than in other mattresses, which might affect comfort.

8. EcoCloud – Durable & Healthy

Like classics of eco-friendly mattresses, EcoCloud model includes organic wool sourced from New Zealand, GOTS-certified organic cotton and Talalay latex. A super combo for safety and comfort. So, what’s inside?


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4” breathable Talalay latex layer is made to provide comfort layers for firm support of hips and shoulders and reduces pressure considerably. 5-zone individually wrapped springs are made of recycled steel and provide support for heavy zones of the body. To prevent the sense of edging off, there’s EXTRA-EDGE™ ANTI-SAG system included: it supports the mattress on the sides and eliminates sagging.

Why else do users choose this mattress? It stays cool and breathable throughout the night. Since it’s made of non-toxic materials, it is absolutely hypoallergenic and does not collect mites and bacteria. Thanks to independent coils, it boasts reduced motion transfer. The mattress adjusts to the body positions and guarantees peaceful sleep – partners don’t disturb each other’s rest. It’s topped off with lifelong durability: you invest in the mattress once, and enjoy health benefits tens of years afterwards.


  • Made of all-natural materials and recycled steel;
  • Chemical-free and fire-redundant;
  • Medium firmness;
  • 120-night free trial;
  • Optimal thickness.


  • Does not feature handles for convenient transportation;
  • More expensive than some other models.

9. Essentia – Enhanced With Kevlar Net For Extra Durability

The mattress from ESSENTIA is one of the most expensive options on the market. What makes it so special? The Fior formula is based on the proprietary technology of foam with natural memory. It makes the mattress especially plush and soft, not mentioning the exceptional quality and orthopedic benefits. It supports body curves and reduces pressure on shoulders, hips, and spine.


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What’s inside? The construction includes organic cotton cover that can be easily put off and washed. Kevlar lining makes the foundation much firmer and prevents mattress deformation. The high-density foam 3” layer is followed by 2” of natural memory foam, and latex support core. All layers are breathable, which eliminates problems with moisture, mold and bacteria buildup, contributes to normal temperature. Since all materials are non-toxic, the mattress does not emit dangerous gases and does not collect odors.


  • Made of all-natural materials;
  • Reinforced with kevlar net;
  • 120-night free trial;
  • 20-year warranty;
  • Absolutely breathable and contributes to normal temperature.


  • Very expensive.

10. Nest Bedding – Benefits of Wool & Latex For Optimal Temperature

Nest Bedding offers a fully customizable solution: you are free to change the rigidness of your mattress by selecting the upper layer. It can be soft, medium-rigid, or firm – you are free to change the softness years after purchase of the mattress. That not only allows to change your experience, but also to prolong the lifespan of your mattress two- or three-fold.

Nest Bedding

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At the core of the item, there is organic latex foam made of the material sourced from Asian forests. It’s topped off with Joma wool and organic knit cotton. Each layer stays breathable and durable ensuring optimal temperature and coolness – this is what makes sleep comfy. The layer with over 1,000 independently wrapped springs makes up for even distribution of pressure, and relieves it from hips and shoulders.

It goes without mentioning decent customer support from Nest Bedding, 100-night free trial, and free shipping. Sturdy handles help carrying it without problems, and the cotton cover can be put off and washed. All in all, this model features everything for convenient maintenance.


  • Layers can be changed and flipped;
  • 100-night free trial;
  • Convenient handles;
  • All-natural breathable materials.


  • Some users cannot choose appropriate firmness.

11. Plush Beds

Botanical Bliss unites the best of both worlds: it’s comfy and absolutely environmentally safe. The secret of its coziness is about the combo of three non-toxic materials. Organic wool from New Zealand provides up to 10 lbs of support, stays breathable and fire-redundant.

Plush Beds

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(more photos are available)

It restores its natural shape easily, which adds up durability and lifespan to the mattress. The organic cotton cover also promotes optimal temperature regulation and can be easily put off and washed. Next comes the triple Dunlop latex layer: being sourced from Asian woods, it is absolutely organic. It does not collect moisture and dust mites, emits no natural odors, restores its shape easily and provides excellent orthopedic support. Thanks to various types of foam formation, you can choose an optimal type of softness to enjoy ethereal sleep and the unrelenting grip of coziness.

PlushBed provides 25-year warranty and 100-night free trial, so you can easily figure out a suitable model. It goes without mentioning GOLS certification and other certificates proving incomparable quality of the mattress.


  • Firmness can be adjusted by rotating the layers;
  • 25-year warranty;
  • 100-night free trial;
  • Certified organic materials.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Does not feature handles.

12. EOS Trilux by Naturepedic

If you are not really into sleeping on spring mattresses, try EOS Trliux model: it features triple latex layer – they can be flipped and changed to adjust your sleeping experience and help you find a perfect spot. What the mattress is made of?

EOS Trilux by Naturepedic

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It’s covered with the quilt made of organic cotton coupled with wool batting and PLA comfort layer (non-GMO sugarcane fibers) which improves moisture resistance and boosts breathability. Then come three latex layers wrapped in organic cotton fabric. Being molded slightly differently, they provide a varied degree of rigidness and offer excellent anatomical support at all critical zones (hips, shoulders, back). At the bottom, there is organic cotton batting. The entire construction is wrapped with durable cotton cover with a zipper. Please, note that layer customization is available on King and Queen models only as latex elements are split.

Naturepedic mattresses are certified fully to ensure absolute ecological safety: GOTS, MadeSafe, UL/Greenguard and other certificates are provided on the official website. You are free to try the mattress and return it back if that doesn’t appeal to you. However, there is no free trial provided. 20-year limited warranty is offered for every model.

13. Eco Terra

EcoTerra offers a non-expensive and quality mattress without compromises. It’s possible thanks to handmade production and direct delivery to the customer. Like its counterparts, the mattress is made of three key constituents: latex, cotton, and wool.

Eco Terra

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(more photos are available)

The Talalay latex material has OEKO TEX standard compliance certificate. It’s sourced from trustworthy farms and is absolutely toxin-free. It stays breathable, does not collect dust mites, prevents moisture buildup and, consequently, mold formation. It goes without mentioning its restorative feature thanks to natural memory, and the support for hips, shoulders, and spine.

GOTS certified organic wool is exported from New Zealand and farms around the world. Wool also keeps bacteria and mites on bay and restores its shape prolonging mattress’ service life. Organic cotton is used for the case: it’s free from pesticides and feels very soft and plush.

The last but not the least is the block of hundreds supporting springs – each in a separate cotton case. They not only distribute the pressure evenly, but also reduce motion transfer, which allows two people toss without disturbing each other. Narrower springs are placed near the edges for firmer support.


  • All-natural materials;
  • Non-expensive;
  • Has all essential eco certificates;
  • Handmade in California.


  • Does not have handles for easier transporting.

14. Loom & Leaf

One more great mattress from Saatva, Loom and Leaf boasts a superb combination of layers. First, it has the proprietary spinal zone cooling gel that keeps temperature within the agreeable ranges and makes sleep heavenly peaceful. Secondly, there is 5 lbs premium memory foam: it’s non-toxic, does not emit gases or any odors. It stays breathable and does not collect moisture or dust mites. Thirdly, there are multiple foam layers for deep sleep and luxurious experience. All that is covered in organic cotton layer for better breathability.

Loom and Leaf

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(more photos are available)

Want to have a soft spot for sleeping? Choose Relaxed Firm option: it feels just right for most users and will be suitable for all sleeping positions (on sides, back, or stomach). The Firm option is more rigid: it’s recommended for back- and stomach-sleepers.

Note that even though the mattress itself is cheap, you might need to spend money on the proprietary Lineal base: it’s sold separately.


  • Contains cooling gel for optimal temperature;
  • All-natural materials;
  • Has handles for easier carrying;
  • Non-expensive.


  • No coils included in the construction, which means motion can be transferred easily;
  • You might need to purchase the lineal foundation.

15. Harvest

Harvest Green Original mattress combines all-natural materials in a traditional manner. It features 100% GOLS certified Dunlop latex, GOTS-certified wool and cotton. Each material ensures perfect breathability and makes up for cool and convenient sleep. They are naturally fire-redundant, which means the materials will turn into carbon instead of distributing flames. If you’re allergic to wool, opt for a Vegan model without it.

Harvest Green Original

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(more photos are available)

The construction features 1,414 pocketed support coils for even distribution of weight. They are made of recycled steel and provide support for every body part (hips, shoulders, spine) and reduce pressure. They are divided into 5 zones with different rigidness and eliminate the sense of edging off. Thus, the model ensures comfy sleep.

To facilitate carrying, the mattress features original adjusting handles. The mattress is hand-made and hand-tufted for preventing dips and valleys typical for usual mattresses.


  • All-natural materials;
  • Options with and without wool are available;
  • 25-year warranty;
  • 5 zones of encased coils.


  • No home testing is provided – customers can ‘test-drive’ mattresses in some stores.

16. The Latex For Less

Being a coil-free mattress, Latex For Less model features two layers– a medium Talalay latex and firm Dunlop latex. You can switch them to adjust the rigidness and vary your sleeping experience – just flip the mattress. On the top of them, there is wool fire barrier: this non-toxic layer ensures optimal temperature distribution and serves as fire-redundant material. It’s all covered up with ultra-soft organic cotton cover that ensures breathability and plush sense.

The Latex For Less

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(more photos are available)

To customize your sleeping experience even more, you can select the right foundation: Latex For Less offers various types of base (box spring, platform, adjustable base, etc). The mattress is 9 inches thick, so it will fit almost any bed without being too much elevated.

Aside from offering a great product, Latex For Less offers decent customer support, free and accurate shipping, as well as 120-night trial (it can be ordered on the official website). If you don’t like the product, there’s money-back guarantee.


  • Pure organic materials;
  • 120-night trial;
  • Firmness can be adjusted by flipping the mattress.


  • Absence of coils reduces motion suppression;
  • No handles for easier carrying.

17. Happsy

Happsy is a healthy solution for any house: there are all sizes available with and without topper. It features all layers typical for a mattress of its kind. Organic wool batting serves as a natural fire-redundant and restores its shape easily. There is 2-inch organic latex layer: it stays breathable, does not collect moisture and prevents buildup of bacteria, dust mites, and mold.


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(more photos are available)

Next, goes the 8-inch layer with pocketed springs – each is wrapped individually in cotton pockets. They distribute and relieve pressure from hips, shoulders, and spine. The springs are divided into several zones – the one near the edges is more rigid and prevents slipping from the bed. Also, they reduce motion transfer making it more convenient for two people to sleep together without disturbing each other. It’s all wrapped up by cotton filling for extra softness and the heavenly rest.

It’s worth mentioning that all materials in the mattress are 100% certified: there are GOTS certificates for wool and cotton. Besides, the company offers 20-year warranty and 120-night trial.


  • All-natural and totally certified;
  • 120-night trial;
  • Available with and without topper;
  • Includes independent springs for better pressure distribution and motion suppression.


  • No handles for easy carrying;
  • A bit firmer than usual;
  • Expensive with a topper.

18. Lifekind

If you want maximum motion isolation, opt for the mattress from Lifekind: it features 6-inch core made of GOLS-certified organic latex. It is highly breathable, does not collect moisture, does not emit odors. Aa the result, no moisture and mold collect inside. This layer is covered with a wool quilted cover: adds up to the breathability, and restores its shape easily. Being eco-friendly, natural rubber is a perfect choice for people with asthma, respiratory diseases, hay fever, etc.


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(more photos are available)

You can define your sleeping experience by choosing one of three types of mattresses: medium, medium-firm, or simply firm. Unfortunately, there is no option of selecting rigidness by flipping the mattress. If you don’t like the mattress, there is 90-day comfort exchange service available: you’re free to select another organic mattress from the lineup.


  • Latex foam ensures great breathability;
  • Can be exchanged within 90 days;
  • Three types of density available: medium, medium-firm, and firm.


  • Density cannot be adjusted on one mattress by flipping – it should be chosen beforehand;
  • Should be rotated to exclude pressure spots on the mattress.

19. White Lotus Home

If you feel well after sleeping on a firm surface, but still want some soft and plush touch, the White Lotus mattress will be a great solution. Being designed for side and back sleepers, it features wool and cotton layers. Both materials are GOTS certified, eco-friendly, and breathable. This is the healthiest solution for sleepers who do care about environmental safety. There are no steel springs, no glue, and no chemical additives used.

White Lotus Home

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(more photos are available)

Since it does not feature springs at all, it does not transmit motion between sleepers. The mattress can be used on a platform bed or a box spring set – it’s up to you to decide. Layer by layer, it ensures optimal temperature throughout the night and stays pretty rigid. It goes without mentioning minimal thickness, which makes it convenient in transportation and storage.

Note that the mattress doesn’t have a removable cover: you won’t have the opportunity to put it off and clean. Instead, the manufacturer recommends using the proprietary Barrier Cloth mattress cover.


  • 100% healthy and GOTS certified cotton and wool;
  • Easy to carry;
  • No motion transfer.


  • Expensive;
  • Features less breathability than other mattresses;
  • May be too firm for some users.

20. Sleep On Latex

If you need a non-expensive spring-free latex mattress, Sleep On Latex is a pretty good option. This is a low profile 6” model that would be suitable for a bed platform as a top for a regular mattress. It’s made of latex harvested from the trees growing in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and has an OEKO-TEX certificate. This is a highly breathable material that does not collect moisture, resists mold, and dust mites.

Sleep On Latex

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(more photos are available)

Organic wool is very soft, fire-resistant, and flexible – it has natural memory that allows restoring shape. Being sourced from New Zealand, the material is non-toxic and durable. It goes without mentioning that Sleep On Latex uses GOTS-certified materials only. Organic cotton is used for the cover: it’s also GOTS-certified, cool, and strong. The material is made without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Who is recommended Sleep on Latex? If you are a side sleeper, it will be the healthiest option for you: the mattress is made without spring, which ensures exceptional softness and eco-friendliness.


  • Very soft and plush;
  • Does not transfer motion;
  • Relatively cheap.


  • Might be too soft for some users;
  • Only 10-year warranty;
  • Should be flipped from time to time to prevent deformation.

21. Savvy Rest

This mattress is available in several options: soft, medium, and firm. Being made of natural Dunlop and Talalay latex, this is a highly comfortable, breathable mattress that ensures perfect thermal regulation and allows you to enjoy every second of your heavenly sleep. Both types of material have certificates (GOLS and Cradle to Cradle GOLD).

Savvy Rest

Check Price on Savvyrest.com

(more photos are available)

Organic wool is one more temperature regulator and a natural flame barrier. It promotes ideal airflow preventing overheating at night. Organic cotton is also GOTS-certified and meets the strictest standards worldwide. The cotton cover features a sturdy brass zipper for easy washing and maintenance.

With the total height of 10”, this mattress is a great alternative to regular models with springs. Besides, you can order a pillow and bedding for each model on the SavvyRest website. You can expect white glove delivery, but there are no handles to transport the mattress conveniently. But the best thing about this mattress is not about materials only: you are free to customize your sleeping experience by selecting the layers – the type of latex and the level of softness.


  • It’s a fully customizable solution;
  • Made of totally certified materials;
  • Optimal cost;
  • Excellent motion blocking.


  • No handles – it’s hard to carry the mattress;
  • Some users regard this mattress as very soft, it’s not suitable for all stomach sleepers.

22. FloBeds

One more customizable mattress in our chart, FloBeds, allows you to vary the left and right size, which is a really rare option! If you and your partner need different rigidness, you should choose this brand. The adjustable base consists of several latex layers: it stays highly breathable and non-toxic. The material does not emit odors or harmful chemicals. It provides pressure relief for shoulders and hips and distributes it evenly.


Check Price on Flobeds.com

(more photos are available)

More flexibility is ensured thanks to the wool layer: it has the ability to restore its shape, resists to fire, and ensures excellent thermal regulation. The cotton layer is also a 100% natural element: the cover can be put off and washed without problems. According to the manufacturer, these natural materials outlast the traditional mattresses with steel and polyurethane springs.

All in all, Flobeds is a great choice for vegans, people with allergy, kids, and those who care about environmental cleanliness and need a healthy and long-lasting solution for their home. The icing on the cake is the egg-crate topper: it relieves pressure and improves blood circulation to the skin.


  • Customizable solution at both right and left sides;
  • 20-year warranty;
  • 100-night free trial;
  • All-natural materials.


  • Expensive.

23. Oliver Smith

The mattress from Oliver Smith is made to provide the best cooling sleeping experience and maximum pressure relief. It has a medium firmness, which makes it suitable for both side and back/stomach sleepers. It’s highly recommended for users with back problems because independently pocketed 15-gauge pocket spring coils distribute the pressure and reduce it from the most important zones: shoulders, back, and hips.

Oliver Smith

Check Price on Homelifecompany.com

(more photos are available)

What makes it the healthiest solution? It is 100% Green Foam certified: the material is sourced from the farms that practice eco-friendly production and don’t use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The natural cotton cover is also made of non-toxic materials. Both materials are highly breathable and don’t emit odors. There is no wool used, which makes it a great solution for vegans.

The mattress is designed to keep its shape for as long as possible: the natural fibers restore their position even after thousands of uses. This is why you can be sure you won’t need the warranty. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide a free trial for the mattresses, but you are free to test-drive them in showrooms.


  • Non-expensive;
  • No wool users – the mattress is 100% vegan and non-toxic;
  • Suitable for people with back problems.


  • Only 15 spring coils – this is not enough for proper pressure distribution;
  • No free trial provided;
  • It’s not clear what the Green Foam is made of.

24. Soaring Heart

Being made of 6” Dunlop latex layer, this mattress can be used separately, or together with coiled mattresses. This is the healthiest option for those who like pretty firm sleeping surfaces, and need minimal motion distribution. Latex is absolutely breathable, it doesn’t collect moisture and mold, resists bacteria buildup and emits no odors. For it to serve you as long as possible, you just need to flip the mattress ones in a few months.

Soaring Heart

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(more photos are available)

The latex layer is surrounded by natural wool: it makes up for optimal thermal distribution, stays fire-redundant, and restores its shape. No chemicals are emitted, so you can be sure you’ll enjoy a healthy sleep.

Soaring hearts provides a 20-year warranty for each mattress topped off with free shipping and a 30-day comfort guarantee. If you realize the mattress isn’t comfy enough, you have the right to return your money or exchange it for another model. Note that only the firm model is available – this option might be too rigid for side sleepers.


  • 100% non-toxic, chemical-free materials are used;
  • It’s suitable for back and stomach sleepers;
  • 20-year warranty.


  • Expensive;
  • No handles for easy transportation;
  • Too firm – not suitable for side sleepers.

25. Holy Lamb Organics

If you want to enjoy absolute breathability and comfort sleep, you can try an all-wool mattress from Holy Lamb Organics: it does not contain latex and does not feature coils. What are the reasons to opt for this model? First, wool is fire-retardant: it turns to carbon when contacting with flames, so they don’t distribute any further. Secondly, it restores its shape easily making the mattress last for long. Wool is absolutely breathable, it allows maintaining optimal temperature during the sleep and doesn’t collect moisture. You can forget about chemical smells, mold, and bacteria buildup. The wool layer is covered with tight organic cotton that keeps shape well and contributes to perfect thermal distribution.

Holy Lamb Organics

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(more photos are available)

The mattress from Holy Lamb Organics is hand-tufted, which makes it firm and still very comfortable and supportive. People with back issues prefer such mattresses for optimal pressure distribution and blood circulation. Wool makes up for normal weight distribution and relieves stress from pressure points (hips, shoulders, and spine) – it’s great for natural alignment.

If you still don’t like such a mattress, you can return it to the manufacturer for a 15% fee. The manufacturer provides a 25-year warranty, which is divided into 10 and 15 years (non-prorated and prorated). Don’t forget that Holy Lamb Organics also offers a large variety of bed frames that fit this mattress perfectly.


  • Made of 100% organic wool;
  • Moderate firmness and durability;
  • Hand-tufted.


  • Expensive;
  • No free return;
  • It isn’t equally comfortable for all sleepers.

26. Earthsake

Being made of locally-sourced latex, Earthsake organic mattresses are available in several options: Serenity (zoned), Solstice (standard), and Bliss (soft top). We will cast a closer look at the Serenity model. The whole idea behind it is the distribution of different levels of support – each for a different body part. These zones differ in firmness, but all of them stay equally breathable and elastic: they naturally adjust to body curves and provide ultimate orthopedic support for the healthiest spinal alignment.


Check Price on Earthsake.com

(more photos are available)

Aside from pressure relief and optimal weight distribution, the mattress ensures perfect temperature maintenance: it stays cool in summer and warm in winter. There is PureGrow wool inside: it also contributes to perfect breathability, stays cool, and does not deform considerably. Latex and wool layers are covered with organic cotton.

EarthSake provides a 20-year warranty for the mattress: it covers firmness preferences, allergies, or sensitivities to the material, handles, and mildew/mold occurrences. Note that the mattress does not require any special care – you only need to flip it once in several months to prevent deformation and ensure maximum convenience.


  • Optimal pressure and stress distribution thanks to zones with different rigidness;
  • 100% organic locally sourced materials;
  • Comes with handles;
  • Fair 20-year warranty.


  • Relatively expensive.

27. Organic Pedic

One more model with optimal stress distribution, Organic Pedic is created for those who care about orthopedic features of their sleeping spot. This flappable mattress includes a wave pillow top for optimal pressure relief, not mentioning the properties of its natural materials. Both latex and wool contribute to optimal weight distribution and relieve stress. As a result, sleepers enjoy the heavenly feeling of sleeping on a cloud – the pressure on their hips, shoulder, and spine disappears.

Organic Pedic

Check Price on Omimattress.com

(more photos are available)

7.5” thickness makes the mattress an optimal choice for any bed foundation. It’s not as heavy as other counterparts, and features handles for easy transporting. The model consists of latex, wool, and cotton – just like many other regular organic mattresses. Latex is GOLS-certified: it’s grown and gathered with strict accordance to green practices. Thus, latex foam stays breathable, does not collect moisture and odors: it guarantees the absence of mold and mildew and bacteria buildup. Other materials also have a Greenguard Gold certificate, which means they’re absolutely safe for your health.

OMI, the manufacturer, provides a 20-year limited warranty, 90-day comfort exchange warranty, as well as free shipping and white-glove delivery. Aside from the excellent service, you can enjoy a wide choice of accessories, including a thermal blanket, flannel mattress pad, organic wool comforter, and sheet set. All that makes up for the truly royal sleeping experience.


  • All-natural materials with certificates;
  • Has comfort zones for optimal stress distribution;
  • Sturdy handles for easy carrying;
  • The 20-year warranty and 90-day trial.


  • Very expensive;
  • Additional accessories are also costly.

28. The Woolland

We have already mentioned a few wool-based mattress models: eco-friendly material is their main advantage. But what about orthopedic properties? This is where the mattress from The Woolland makes others stand no competition. This is a non-expensive but a healthy option for users from all over the world – the manufacturer ships its masterpiece to different regions globally!.


Check Price on Thewoolland.com

(more photos are available)

This organic wool & linen top mattress is ideal for people with back problems and insomnia. It relieves stress from the pressure points (shoulders, spine, and hips), and yet feels not too firm. The mattress is great for both summer and winter – it has to sides. The winter side has merino wool with aloe vera treatment. The second side combines 40% cotton and 60% linen. You are also free to select one of two hardness options: non-toxic memory foam with mid to soft rigidness, or orthopedic foam with mid to firm rigidness.

All materials are highly breathable, don’t collect and don’t emit toxic substances, and resist mold and mildew. The mattress doesn’t require much maintenance if you treat it carefully. It can be washed with lukewarm water without synthetic detergents. They are naturally hypo-allergenic, but if you experience the sensitivity to wool, you can flip the mattress to sleep on the cotton/linen side.


  • Cheap;
  • Has winter and summer side;
  • Chemical-free materials.


  • No free trial and no warranty;
  • No handles to carry the mattress.

29. Cozy Pure

CozyPure offers various mattress options with different height and different layers (from 7” to 12”). What do all mattress variations feature? First comes organic cotton stretch knit fabric made with 1” of wool on both sides. It ensures breathability and soft, comfy sleep with wool making up for optimal temperature regulation. The materials restore their shape easily and don’t require any special maintenance.

Cozy Pure

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(more photos are available)

At the core of each mattress, there is 6” support latex layer: it’s made of GOLS-certified rubber milk foamed according to the most advanced technologies. All other latex layers are optional. For example, a 9” mattress features a simple 2” natural sculpted latex layer, while thicker options have 3” customizable latex comfort layers: they are available in soft, medium, and firm variations. You can unzip your mattress and flip the layers to select rigidness and prevent deformation – it can be done in a day or ten years after the purchase.

CozyPure provides a 25-year warranty for each of these models, and you are free to enjoy the trial period. Free shipping is provided, while white-glove delivery and installation are worth $99. All in all, this mattress is worth the cost because it’s fully customizable and has a thought-through construction. Since there are no springs, you will enjoy paradise-like sleep with minimal motion distribution.


  • Customizable layers;
  • 25-year warranty;
  • Made of all-natural materials;
  • Optimal price;
  • Maximum motion suppression.


  • No handles.

30. The Organic Mattress Store

Proudly made in Pennsylvania, this organic mattress is made of the natural latex with zoned cell structure. What does it mean? It stays supportive all along your body from head to toes, which allows for even distribution of pressure and efficient stress relief. Dunlop latex stays optimally firm. It does not collect moisture, resists the formation of mold and mildew, not mentioning its natural memory and shape restoring features.

The Organic Mattress Store

Check Price on Theeastcoastorganicmattressstore.com

(more photos are available)

The model from Organic Mattress Store has durable springs, which allows for optimal distribution of weight and pleasant bouncy feeling. The Dunlop rubber core is surrounded by organic cotton webbing for maximum durability and support. All layers are covered with a wool or cotton mattress protector – they prevent deformation and stay breathable. All are GOTS-certified.

Note that The Organic Mattress Store keeps adding new models to the lineup of all-natural mattresses. There are models with various rigidness, so you can easily figure out a comfortable option. For people without back problems, the Medium #80-D model is recommended. If you are a back sleeper, opt for a firmer model (#90-D). Do not forget that the company offers organic pillows and covers, as well.


  • Made of all-natural materials;
  • GOTS and GOLS certified;
  • Various firmness options are available.


  • Some models are pretty costly;
  • No free trial available;
  • Mattresses have springs;
  • 25-year warranty is quite limited.

31. Heart of Vermont

Heavenly Harmony features four layers of latex – each contributes to perfect breathability, thermal maintenance, and optimal weight distribution. It is made of GOLS-certified Dunlop latex that keeps shape well, does not emit odors, and lasts long. This is a 100% organic material that complies with all basic ecological standards (OEKO-TEX, Pure Integrity, etc). You can be sure that the pressure will be distributed evenly, and you won’t feel the stress on your hips, shoulders, and spine. That ensures exceptional sleeping experience and truly joyful & healthy rest.

Heart of Vermont

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(more photos are available)

The four latex layers can be customized: you can select the rigidness for each of it and change the layers after purchase to vary firmness at any point. They are covered with organic cotton zipper casing for easy maintenance.

The manufacturer not only provides certificates proving the compliance with ecological standards but also gives unlimited lifetime warranty for each mattress which means you can change layers without having to buy a new model.

Note that the mattress layers do not require cleaning and maintenance, but should be treated properly. All Organic Home offers a waterproof cover and other accessories to prolong the service life of your mattress.


  • 100% organic and non-toxic;
  • Layers are interchangeable;
  • Lifelong warranty;
  • Great motion suppression.


  • Relatively expensive;
  • No handles for easy carrying.

32. The Natural Mattress

The Natural Matt is a spring mattress made of the healthiest materials for the ultimate sleeping experience. In its layers, it’s similar to the typical organic models. Talalay latex ensures great softness coupled with breathability. It does not collect moisture letting airflow: it eliminates the buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria. Being soft and durable enough, it relieves stress from hips, shoulders, and back.

Enlightenment Natural

Check Price on Naturalmatt.wpengine.com

(more photos are available)

One more element for healthy sleep is spring block: medium 14.5 gauge coils ensure optimal support for the entire body. They are independently wrapped for motion suppression.

The organic wool batting ensures optimal temperature distribution and ensures cooling during hot summer days, and warming during cool winter nights. Being GOTS-certified, it is non-allergic and absolutely comfortable in touch. The cotton cover protects springs and layers against dust and dirt, it’s easy to maintain and clean.

When it comes to firmness, there are several models with various rigidness available. If accidentally you don’t find your mattress uncomfortable, you can exchange it within 60 days for free.


  • 100% natural materials;
  • Various firmness options are available;
  • All materials are certified;
  • 10-year warranty.


  • Springs are worse for motion suppression than pure latex.

33. Coyuchi

Having been around for over 20 years, Coyuchi offers all-natural mattresses made of high-quality materials. Handcrafted according to GOTS and COLS certificates, its latex, wool, and cotton ensure breathability, ultimate comfort, and fulfilling rest. This is the sleep that heals and energizes.


Check Price on Coyuchi.com

(more photos are available)

What is special about this mattress model? It comes as a split system: you are allowed to combine two firmness options in one. For example, one sleeper can enjoy a soft side while another – firm or medium. All layers are interchangeable – you are allowed to replace them for free within 90 days of purchase. Changing layers is easy: you should unzip the cotton cover and swap them. This feature is available for Queen and King sizes only.

Upper 3” latex layer is breathable, doesn’t collect moisture, prevents bacteria, and mold buildup does not emit odors, chemical gases. Underneath, there is a firm support core that consists of independently cotton-wrapped coils. They distribute stress and pressure optimally reducing the load on shoulders, hips, and spine.

The mattress is durable and covered with a 20-year warranty. It does not require specific maintenance, but you can wash it with water and mild soap. Coyuchi also offers additional accessories for protecting your mattress against dirt and dust, as well as pillows.


  • Firmness can be customized on the left and right sides;
  • 20-year warranty;
  • Non-toxic, all-natural materials.


  • Handles are not included;
  • Relatively expensive.

34. Honest Sleep

Cozy Nest mattress is a great combo of all-natural materials and micro coils for peaceful and comfortable sleep. On the core of the mattress, there is a layer of 1300 individually wrapped steel micro coils that distribute weight and stress in the most optimal way. No more pressure on the spine and hips – you can sleep in any position and enjoy the cloud-like feeling. This mattress is comforting for any body type, and sleepers don’t bother each other when tossing – the multitude of coils suppresses the motion transmission.

Honest Sleep

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(more photos are available)

On top of it, there is a USDA-certified cotton layer: it adds softness, does not irritate skin and lets air flow freely throughout the fibers. It’s covered with a wool layer for keeping you warm during winter and cool during summer. The natural material is fire-retardant. It does not emit odors and does not collect smells.

The best thing about this mattress is a perfect price/quality ratio: despite being 2-3 times cheaper than its counterparts, it is made of non-toxic, certified materials and ensures optimal weight distribution for maximum orthopedic benefits. When it comes to firmness, there are three rigidness levels available for each model, so every user can enjoy sleeping on it regardless of the position taken.


  • 20-30-year service life;
  • GOLS and GOTS certified non-toxic materials;
  • Over 1300 coils for orthopedic body position and healthy sleep;
  • Non-expensive.


  • The mattress is not designed to be flipped, which means it might get deformed over time.

35. Sachi Organics

One mode model allowing for easy customization, Sachi mattress features three 3” Dunlop latex layers: they are interchangeable, so you can vary your sleeping experience. Latex layers let air flow freely, reducing the moisture buildup, bacteria and mold collection, and odors. It serves tens of years without losing its properties and doesn’t require special maintenance. To preserve the mattress’ shape, you can flip it once in a few months.

Sachi Organics

Check Price on Sachiorganics.com

(more photos are available)

You are free to select a suitable firmness variant (soft, medium, or firm) and enjoy orthopedically correct, heavenly sleep with proper temperature regulation. Please, note that Sachi does not allow buyers to replace a mattress if they don’t like its firmness – refunds, and exchanges are made for defective items only. Mind that before you buy one.

Each latex layer is covered with organic cotton for better breathability and protection against dust and dirt. It reduces the load on the spine and shoulders and contributes to orthopedic correctness of body position during sleep. It’s covered with quilted cotton fabric and Eco-Wool casing: they let the air flow making up for normal temperature distribution. Since there are no springs, the mattress does not transmit motion, so sleepers will not disturb each other.

If you have a non-standard bed shape, you are free to order a customized mattress from Sachi: orders are placed online.


  • Made of all-natural latex;
  • No springs – maximum motion suppression;
  • Three firmness levels available;
  • Customized mattress shape can be ordered.


  • Expensive;
  • No handles for easy carrying;
  • No possibility to exchange the mattress if its firmness doesn’t appeal to you.

36. Intellibed

The Sapphire Organix™ mattress combines the best features of luxury organic mattresses in one: soft gel later, Talalay latex, and strong independent coils. Let’s take a closer look at each of these components. 21/2” gel matrix consists of a high-tech elastic gel that relieves pressure from body parts and distributes the body weight evenly for optimal back support.


Check Price on Intellibed.com

(more photos are available)

The Talalay latex ensures perfect breathability and makes up for a cloud-like feeling during the entire night. Since it contributes to perfect thermal maintenance, it stays cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It resists moisture collection, the formation of mold and mildew, bacteria buildup. It goes without mentioning its superb durability.

The pocket coil system is highly adaptive: it relieves pressure at certain body points and provides localized support. Since each coil is individually wrapped in cotton, the bedding does not distribute motion – both sleepers do not disturb each other’s rest by moving and tossing.

The ultimate luxury experience is topped off with a 20-year warranty, and the possibility to return or exchange your mattress within 90 days. Also, there is free shipping and white-glove delivery.


  • Gel layer distributes weight optimally for healthy sleep;
  • Chemical-free Talalay latex with the best properties;
  • 20-year warranty.


  • Expensive;
  • No handles for easy carrying.

37. Amore Natural

Amore Beds natural hybrid mattress makes up for exceptional sleeping experience allowing you to enjoy restful and joyful sleep all night long. It combines non-toxic Dunlop latex, organic wool from New Zealand, and GOTS-certified cotton. Hand-tufted for maximum durability, the mattress does not contain chemicals and glues.

Amore Natural

Check Price on Amorebeds.com

(more photos are available)

OEKO-TEX certified Dunlop latex is a highly-breathable material: it relieves stress from hips, shoulders, and spine and resists humidity buildup. It means you don’t have to be afraid of mold, mildew, and bacteria. This layer will serve for years without deforming and losing its properties. Wool enhances its thermal regulation properties: it warms you up during winter and stays cool during hot nights. Besides, it has a natural memory that allows restoring shape even after thousands of uses.

The individually wrapped coils inside the hybrid mattress provide support for every body part and let you sleep comfortably without the sense of ‘edging off’ the bed. It reduces motion transfer, so you and your partner will not disturb each other.

Aside from being made of the healthiest materials, Amore Natural has a few more competitive advantages. First, it’s a carbon-neutralized item which means it has been made on the facilities with minimal or no carbon emissions. This great fact is topped off with one more green practice: you may choose a CBD-infused version of this mattress. It will contribute to deep sleep and the health of your nervous system.


  • Made of eco-friendly materials;
  • Produced with minimal carbon emissions;
  • CBD-infused version is available;
  • Non-expensive;
  • The 25-year warranty and 100-night trial;
  • OEKO-TEX certified Dunlop latex is used.


  • No handles for easy carrying.

38. Søvn European Natural Mattress

Søvn offers three basic mattress options: two with coils and latex foam, and the one made of 100% Talalay latex. Non-toxic and breathable, latex resists moisture buildup, does not let bacteria and mold development, emits and collects no odors. It distributes sleeper’s weight and reduces pressure on the shoulders, hips, and spine. Being one of the most durable and ecological materials for mattresses, it serves tens of years without deforming or losing its properties.

Søvn European Natural Mattress

Check Price on Sovnnaturalmattress.com

(more photos are available)

Under this layer, there is a block of independently wrapped steel coils. They also help to distribute a person’s weight and reduce loading on the entire body. Both orthopedic layers are covered with wool batting: it allows for establishing perfect temperature: you will feel warm during winter nights and cool enough during the summer. Being GOTS-certified, the wool does not cause allergic reactions, as well as the upper cotton layer. Soft and breathable, this zipped case protects the mattress contents against dust and can be easily washed.


  • All-natural certified materials;
  • Excellent orthopedic properties;
  • Medium firmness.


  • Expensive;
  • No chance to select the firmness level.

39. Bloom Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding

One more great combination of organic latex, cotton, and wool, Bloom Hybrid mattress allows you to enjoy heavenly sleep and optimal weight distribution. The core layer is made of OEKO-TEX certified class 1 Talalay latex: this 3” layer lets air flow freely, making up for optimal temperature regulation. There are three firmness levels available so that each user will find a perfect option.

Bloom Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding

Check Price on Brooklynbedding.com

(more photos are available)

Latex reduces pressure on the hips, shoulders, and spine. Its orthopedic properties are enhanced with the layer with 1,032 coils: they distribute weight properly. Being wrapped individually, these Ascension X coils block motion transfer, which means sleepers will not disturb each other. They don’t produce noise and let you enjoy the weightless sense of sleeping on a cloud.

Joma wool layer makes up for optimal temperature regulation: it breathes freely and lets you stay warm during winter and cool during summer. Organic cotton has the same properties. The 1.25” cotton & wool cover protects the mattress against dust and dirt and can be cleaned. Between latex and this layer, there is 1” foam that reduces the pressure and prolongs mattress’ service life.

The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty and a 120-night free trial for each customer, so if the chosen mattress thickness doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to replace it for another option.


  • Three types of firmness;
  • All-natural materials;
  • 10-year warranty;
  • Handles for easy carrying;
  • 120-night trial.


  • The presence of coils reduces motion suppression properties.


COCO-MAT offers several superb models of mattresses – all without coils. The manufacturer uses non-toxic materials such as latex, horsehair, and coconut fiber. Two latex layers are highly breathable: they do not collect moisture, eliminate the risk of mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup. It goes without mentioning the superb orthopedic properties: the mattress distributes weight evenly and reduces stress on body parts.

COCO-MAT latex models

Check Price on Coco-mat.com

(more photos are available)

In-between, there is horsehair and coconut fiber. They make up for optimal humidity regulation, stay elastic and soft. The fibers do not collect bacteria and stay breathable. Also, they reduce mattress deformation and prolong its service life. All layers are wrapped up in an organic cotton zipper layer: it is absolutely safe for skin and washable.

Since this model does not feature springs, motion is not distributed: feel free to share your bedding with a partner, you won’t bother each other. Besides, COCO-MAT highlights that the absence of coils means the absence of even minor magnetic field.

When it comes to firmness, it depends on the model of the mattress. Side sleepers are recommended to try Afroditi and Proteas models, while back and stomach sleepers will like Iraklis and Nefeli models.


  • Made of eco-friendly materials;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Various softness layers.


  • Models with hair horse are not vegan – they might cause allergy;
  • Mattresses are relatively thin;
  • Warranty is partial for some parts of the mattress.

41. Sleepez

Another option that allows for total customization, Sleepez mattress allows you to customize both sides. No more arguing over rigidness: each sleeper is free to select the layers. Sleepez uses natural certified Dunlop or Talalay latex (the choice depends on firmness). Latex does not collect moisture, stays odor-free, and chemical-free. It prevents the buildup of bacteria, the formation of mold and mildew, dust mites, etc. It allows for optimal temperature regulation: you will stay cool throughout the night because Sleepez does not trap heat like conventional mattresses.


Check Price on Sleepez.com

(more photos are available)

By distributing sleepers’ weight evenly, Sleepez mattress reduces pressure on body parts, so you don’t have to worry about spinal depression. The optimal density means higher flexibility around shoulders and hips. This mattress lets you wake up energized and relaxed. Also, you can select mattress height: it varies from 9” to 13”.

Three latex layers are wrapped up with organic cotton 360 ° zippered cover. You are free to put it off and wash – it’s easy to remove. Besides, replacement covers are available. Inside this cover, there is premium Eco wool sourced from Woolgatherer Carding Mill. It follows eco-friendly practices and manages flocks in a chemical-free, eco-safe humane manner.


  • Made of healthy materials;
  • No coils – maximum motion suppression is ensured;
  • Optimal price and discounts;
  • Firmness on each side is customizable;
  • Convenient cotton cover.


  • Should be flipped from time to time to prevent deformation.

42. inBed Organics

With a 6” organic latex layer in its core, inBed Organics mattress provides exceptional sleeping experience and great thermal regulation. It regulates humidity keeping it within optimal ranges, prevents the development of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Besides, it is known for its excellent orthopedic properties. You can expect it to distribute weight and stress evenly – your body will be relaxed and get enough rest to feel energized in the morning.

inBed Organics

Check Price on Inbedorganics.com

(more photos are available)

Natural cotton and wool are great for temperature regulation: you will feel warm during winter and cool during hot nights in the summer. They also let air flow freely, which prevents moisture collection and the formation of mold and mildew. Wool is fire-retardant and resists deformation. All materials are certified: they are made in the eco-friendliest manner and do not emit harmful chemicals or odors.

One of the best things about the InBed Organic mattress is a wide choice of firmness options. You are free to select the rigidness from ultra-soft to XXFirm. Thus, both side and back sleepers will find a suitable variant. You can also flip the mattress to vary firmness and prevent deformation over time.


  • Many firmness variations are available;
  • The mattress is made of all-natural materials only;
  • The mattress can be exchanged if you don’t like its properties.


  • No handles included;
  • Expensive;
  • Warranty is limited, no refunds are possible.

43. Natural Bed

Natural Bed offers several bed models made in accordance with the healthiest and eco-friendliest practices. They feature a thick latex layer (9” high) that ensures the correct posture alignment during the night: it not only helps to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep but also helps to reduce spinal pain and related issues. Besides, latex is a highly breathable material that does not collect water, reduces the risk of mold and mildew formation, resists bacteria buildup.

Natural Bed

Check Price on Naturalbed.com

(more photos are available)

The lineup of organic materials also includes natural wool: it ensures proper thermal regulation. You will feel warm during cold nights, and fresh& cool during summer nights. No more problems with heat-trapping. The cotton cover also breathes freely, lets the airflow, warms sleepers up, and stays very soft and pleasant in touch.

The secret of heavenly sleep also lies in the fact that no coils are used: it means the motion is not distributed, and sleepers will not disturb each other. All in all, the three mattress models from Natural Bed combine all the best features of typical organic mattresses. Additionally, natural foundations are available: they can be purchased additionally.


  • Suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers;
  • No coils included;
  • All-natural materials with certificates;
  • Replacement of mattress is possible.


  • Pretty expensive;
  • Minimalistic design without handles.

44. Sleeping Organic

Sleeping Organic offers a three-layer latex mattress that supports the body properly and stays safe for health. The manufacturer highlights several advantages of its products. First, latex is non-toxic: it does not emit chemicals and odors, does not affect respiratory health. It’s recommended for people with sensitivity and allergy, as well as infants.

Sleeping Organic

Check Price on Sleepingorganic.com

(more photos are available)

Secondly, the mattress from Sleeping Organic is much more durable than conventional mattresses. It will serve for 10-20 years without deformations – you need to flip the mattress once in a few months. Besides, latex is known for its capability to reduce pressure and ensure optimal spinal posture. Users admit they feel energized and rejuvenated, which means the mattress helps to restore back health.

What else? The upper layers are made of cotton and wool. They regulate temperature for sleepers to feel cool during hot nights – no heat is trapped inside the mattress. Besides, the cotton-top feels very soft to the skin, does not gain static electricity, and lasts long.

If you want to have an organic and healthy sleeping place, opt for the other items from Sleeping Organic: it offers pillows, foundations, and adjustable bases. The warranty covers all of them: if you feel that the chosen firmness does not appeal to you, the mattress can be exchanged without problems.


  • All-natural certified materials;
  • The mattress is made of latex only, and no coils are used;
  • Various firmness levels are available.


  • No handles are included;
  • The mattress should be assembled after shipping.

45. The Organic Mattress

The Nirvana model from The Organic Mattress is a classic natural mattress that comprises several orthopedic layers. The 8” coil layer consists of individually wrapped springs that help to distribute the pressure and ensure optimal spine support. Thanks to the correct posture, sleepers feel relaxes and get enough rest throughout the night. Due to its medium firmness, this model will be equally suitable for side and back sleepers. However, it’s not the best option for people with spinal issues.

Nirvana model

Check Price on Theorganicmattress.com

(more photos are available)

On top of this layer, there is a 3” latex foundation: it also helps to reduce pressure on hips, shoulders, and back. Besides, latex does not collect moisture and heat. You are guaranteed to enjoy healthy and cool sleep. Latex keeps dust mites and mold at bay and lasts longer than synthetic mattress fillers.

Its wonderful properties are enhanced by the cotton & wool wrapping. They stay breathable and let air flow through the textures. Wool regulates temperature and lets you stay cool at night when it’s hot around. Cotton is extraordinarily soft and feels very good to the skin. You can unzip and put off the cover to wash it.


  • Non-expensive;
  • Non-toxic materials;
  • Medium firmness makes it a versatile model.


  • Has a high layer of coils which makes it not the best model from an orthopedic point of view;
  • Such a level of firmness isn’t good for back sleepers and people with back problems.

46. Blissful Organics

Blissful organics offers a 2” or 3” organic latex topper. It can either be used as a firm mattress on the top of a bed platform or better be laid on the top of a conventional coil mattress. Being an all-latex model, it ensures optimal temperature regulation: the material is highly ventilated and lets you stay cool during the summer and hot during the winter.

Blissful Organics

Check Price on Blissfulsleep.com

(more photos are available)

Latex does not retain moisture, as well. You don’t have to be afraid of mold, mildew, and dust mites. No chemicals and no odors are emitted – this is an absolutely eco-friendly model. Even though the mattress does not contain chemical fire retardants, it is fire-resistant in a natural way. When contacting with fire, latex turns into carbon and does not let flames distribute.

Besides, latex makes up for the correct spinal posture. It guarantees total rest and joyful sleep while reducing the pressure on hips, shoulders, and back. Besides, it is motion-absorbing: both sleepers will not disturb each other while moving and tossing.

Blissful Sleep’s products are GOLS-certified, and it provides a 10-year warranty for the mattresses. You are free to exchange a mattress or claim your money back.


  • Made of the healthiest latex only;
  • Suppresses motion transfer;
  • Non-expensive.


  • It’s not a fully-fledged mattress – it’s rather a topper.

47. PJ Sleep

If you need an organic mattress without latex, this is one of the rare options available. Ranking in the comfortless level at 4 out of 10, the Cooper organic mattress from PJ Sleep includes only cotton and wool. The 2” or 4” organic certified cruelty-free wool topper ensures optimal temperature regulation: it stays breathable and warms you up during winter, or cools you down during summer. It’s made of the wool obtained from the flocks raised in humane, eco-friendly conditions.

PJ Sleep

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(more photos are available)

Certified organic cotton knit is made in North Carolina. The cotton layer protects the mattress, stays breathable, and very soft. The cover can be put off to clean and wash. The entire mattress is hand-made and stitched to boost its service life and comfort. Tufting prevents the later from shifting, and the cover from twisting.

The mattress is 11” high, which means it can be used independently. Also, PJ Sleep offers adjustable bases and foundations. If GOTS and OTCO certificates are not enough for you, you can also test-drive the mattress: it’s covered with a warranty.


  • Made of all-natural materials;
  • Does not contain springs;
  • It features various certificates.


  • Expensive;
  • The absence of latex raises concerns about its orthopedic properties.

Additional Information on Organic Mattresses

Considering that sleep is such a vital thing, more and more people today concern themselves with choosing affordable and 100% eco-friendly mattresses. Shopping for the best healthy mattress is a venture that can take one a little more time than just buying a comfortable sleeping item. There are many aspects to take in if you wish your money to be well-spent.

In the meantime, modern manufacturers are not trying to make it any easier for their consumers. To start with, the terms such as “organic,” “eco,” “green,” or “vegan” that are used broadly in the mattress manufacturing industry do not always stand for what we think they mean. Most of the time, these are just catchy words and phrases exploited by marketing teams to greenwash products of subpar quality and sell them with a higher price tag, caring nothing about the consequences.

While chemicals do not necessarily mean trouble, some mattress building materials like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are best avoided entirely by people who have allergies, asthma, or those worried about being potentially exposed to harmful substances. On the bright side, there are quite a few responsible and eco-minded companies willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their products are 100% environmentally-friendly, well-made, and comply with all the existing standards of safety. Such companies source their mattress materials carefully and employ ecologically responsible production practices.

This buyer’s guide will teach you the difference between organic, natural, and synthetic mattresses. Furthermore, we will explain the benefits of each type of ecological material utilized in today’s mattress construction industry. There is a whole bonus section devoted to tips and recommendations on choosing the right organic mattress that will meet your needs and expectations in full.

The Difference between Organic and Synthetic Mattresses

Strictly speaking, no mattresses are 100% green since even the biologically degradable ones contain synthetic parts – springs, small binding portions, etc. – that take forever to decompose. However, should we choose to overlook this discrepancy, it is possible to say that organic and ecological mattresses are a very real thing.

Organic mattresses

A genuinely organic mattress is a bed that contains at least 95% USDA-certified organic materials whose quality and safety are supported by respectable and trusted certifications such as Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Natural mattresses

Natural mattresses are another type of beds that are something between organic and synthetic products. These mattresses may contain some non-organic, synthetic materials that are still natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Synthetic mattresses

Synthetic mattresses may use foams, synthetic latex, vinyl, or various fire-retarding chemicals known to have long-term hazardous effects on human health.

  • Polyurethane foam. The most common material in synthetic mattresses is polyurethane foam, which comes from chemical synthesis, hence the name. The needed density and viscosity in such products are achieved thanks to their treatment with petrochemicals.
  • Synthetic latex is another type of synthetic mattress construction materials. Unlike 100% natural latex made of rubber tree sap, these mattresses include styrene and butadiene, which are petroleum-based volatile organic compounds that pose a real threat to people’s health.
  • Adding vinyl is a cheap and sure way to make mattresses resistant to bacteria and waterproof. The production of vinyl uses phthalates, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals. For this very reason, it is a highly unsuitable mattress construction material.
  • Fire-retarding chemicals are another thing you can often discover in synthetic mattresses. Many manufacturers resort to these as an affordable alternative to using wool and other nature-given fire retardants when they seek to comply with mandatory flammability standards. Flame retardants such as antimony, boric acid, or brominated flame retardants (BFRs) are highly toxic and affect users’ health most gravely.

While it is clear that synthetic mattresses are in many ways inferior to natural and organic products, especially when it comes to their safety and earth-friendliness, there are still a few advantages that cannot be overlooked: affordability, customizability, durability, and comfort. If you are looking for an inexpensive and cozy bed that you can use short-term, synthetic mattresses will be a great option. However, organic and natural beds will turn out a healthier and more reasonable investment in the long run.

Organic Materials

This buyer’s guide closely reviews the four most common and trusted organic materials used in mattress construction. They are cotton, natural latex, coconut fiber, and wool.


Organic cotton is the material most frequented in the making of mattress covers due to its unbeatable breathability properties. To be qualified as organic, cotton needs to comply with several essential requirements. It has to be unbleached, GMO-free and cultivated without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

Loose cotton fiber can sometimes be the primary mattress fill. Since such products do not conform to the body as closely as latex and synthetic foam mattresses do, they usually have a medium-firm or firm feel.

Advantages of organic cotton in mattresses

Here are a few notable benefits of organic cotton mattresses to consider when shopping for your next bed:

  • Chemical-free and hypoallergenic. 100% organic cotton beds are usually hypoallergenic since no toxins or chemicals are used in cotton cultivation or mattress production.
  • Perfect temperature control. Natural cotton is a highly breathable material that ensures just the right level of cooling in hot environments. Cotton mattresses will guarantee a stable flow of air between your skin and the surface of the bed, thus keeping you comfortable and relaxed all night long.
  • Superb moisture-absorbing properties. Nothing beats cotton at its moisture-wicking properties. The cotton fiber wonderfully soaks up the moisture that the body produces at night and ensures comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.
  • Durable. Organic cotton is easily one of the most durable natural materials used to make mattresses today. With due care, a product made of natural cotton can last for up to 15 years.

Natural latex

Natural latex is an organic mattress material, which comes from the sap of the rubber tree. It is 100% free from any toxic additives. Its naturally microporous structure featuring air-filled cells ensures the outstanding breathability and temperature-control properties organic latex is renowned for.

Organic latex is commonly used in the support layer of all-latex beds, or it can serve as the comfort layer in hybrid and latex mattresses. The material offers incredible elasticity and resilience, which is why it can comfortably support heavyweight sleepers without sagging or otherwise deteriorating in its properties.

Genuine organic latex mattresses must contain at least 95% natural rubber; otherwise, they should qualify as anything between natural and synthetic. Their price range is broad and varies, depending on the quality and amount of latex fill and materials used for the casing.

Advantages of organic latex in mattresses

Here are a few simple explanations for why more and more sleepers are opting for mattresses made of organic latex:

  • Extreme comfort. Organic latex mattresses provide users with the utmost comfort and relaxation. Upon experiencing the initial soft sinking sensation, sleepers get to enjoy the lasting, all-round support ensured by the natural bounciness of latex. The natural springiness of organic latex also means that it does not transfer movements as readily as other beds and allows partners to sleep comfortably alongside each other.
  • Natural spine alignment. One of the latex’s best benefits is its ability to sustain proper spine alignment. It achieves this by allowing the heavier body parts such as hips and shoulders to sink deeper into the mattress while keeping the lighter parts strictly on the surface. Such profound support of one’s natural curvature is a great perk for people who experience chronic pain in their back or joints, suffer from impaired blood circulation or pressure jumps.
  • Naturally resilient to mold and dust. Unlike other mattress construction materials, organic latex is naturally hygienic and resistant to mold and dust mite. Such products do not require any additional treatment with chemicals that can be toxic and dangerous.
  • Allergen-free. Organic latex mattresses will be a suitable choice for people who are affected with year-round allergies, especially those caused by dust mites and mold.
  • Eco-conscious. By choosing organic latex mattresses, you contribute to the further growth of rubber tree plantations responsible for removing carbon dioxide from the air.
  • Perfect air circulation. The open-cell structure of organic latex ensures excellent airflow and allows for a much fresher sleep. On top of that, latex’s superb air circulation properties make sure that the moisture from natural perspiration does not linger or make the mattress feel damp and unpleasant.


Wool is an organic material widely used in mattress manufacturing for its excellent moisture-wicking properties. The use of wool fiber within the mattress casing helps dissolve excess heat, so it is an option to consider for all hot sleepers. Besides, wool batting provides outstanding natural insulation and promotes better circulation of air and moisture evaporation.

Like organic cotton, wool is most frequently used in mattress covers but can also rarely be the primary fill. Wool-filled mattresses are super-flexible but lack the durability of latex and foam products.

Advantages of organic wool in mattresses

The advantages of having wool in an organic mattress are many and varied. It is super bendable and much more resistant to wear and tear than cotton, gives your bed a delightful loft and spring, and helps in pressure relief like nothing else. However, there are even more benefits to consider:

  • Perfect natural insulation properties. Wool is a nature-given regulator of temperature and moisture. This semi-permeable fiber absorbs vaporized moisture, allowing it to pass through easily and leaving the sleeper dry and comfortable. Wool is the kind of material that will keep users cool in the hot weather and warm when the environment is cold.
  • Naturally immune to mildew and fungus. Due to its water-repelling membrane and the chemical structure containing sulfur crosslinks, organic wool fiber appears to be more resistant to bacteria, mold, and fungi.
  • While coarse wool may occasionally cause skin irritation, it is unlikely to trigger any allergic reactions even in the most sensitive users.
  • Natural fire retardant. Natural wool with high keratin protein and moisture contents is non-flammable, which is why it is used in higher-end mattresses as a healthier and safer alternative to toxic fire-retarding chemicals.
  • Organic wool is a biologically degradable material and a completely eco-friendly one too. However, because of its high moisture contents, it takes longer to decompose than other natural fibers.

Coconut Coir

A coir mattress is a bed made of high-density natural coconut fibers sourced from fibrous coconut husk. Rigid by nature, coir mattresses usually possess excellent orthopedic properties, but, even then, the coir in them must still be combined with a softer secondary component such as foam or latex.

The combination of coir and latex/foam in a natural coir mattress is usually completed with a cotton or jacquard cover that ensures its superb breathability and temperature control. Excellent air circulation inside the mattress layers makes such beds an ideal choice for hot and sweaty sleepers.

Advantages of organic coconut coir in mattresses

Being 100% natural, coconut coir beds are not only safe and comfortable but possess some health-restorative qualities that no other organic fiber can offer. Here are just some of the reasons to try coir-filled mattresses:

  • Eco-friendly and safe. Coco coir is a natural, organic material that contains no harmful chemicals or substances and, therefore, does not pose any risk to a person’s health.
  • Hygroscopic properties. One of the best qualities of a coir mattress is the ability to absorb vaporized moisture from your body and the surrounding atmosphere, which is essential in a hot and humid climate. The sleeper will feel dry, comfortably cool, and refreshed.
  • Perfect ventilation. The unique manufacturing process makes coir mattresses superbly breathable. Thanks to the excellent airflow throughout the surface, these products can offer their users a comfortable and relaxed night’s rest.
  • Resistant to dust and dirt. Coco coir is naturally resistant to dirt and dust. Moreover, this mattress construction material is famous for its antibacterial and antiallergic properties.
  • Orthopedic aid. Medium-firm and reasonably bouncy, coir mattresses provide fantastic back support and ensure proper spine alignment throughout the entire sleeping session.
  • High fire resistance. Since the fiber is naturally resistant to fire, coconut coir mattresses do not need additional treatment with fire-retarding agents that are toxic and unsafe for your health.

7-Step Guidance for Novice Shoppers

Organic mattresses are a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional synthetic beds that use toxic chemicals, hazardous fire-retarding agents, and other unsuitable additives in their making. Predictably, an increasing number of health-conscious, eco-friendly users today are opting for an organic product, knowing that it will not only make them feel more comfortable and safe but will also pose no risk to the environment.

Given that the Internet contains tons of unintentionally misleading and downright deceitful information on the subject, identifying a genuinely organic, healthy mattress may be somewhat challenging. To help you with your shopping endeavors, we have created this detailed 7-step instruction that will steer you directly towards purchasing the organic mattress of your sweetest dreams.

Step 1. Know which materials should not be in your organic mattress.

Fire-retardant chemicals are one of the most dangerous components you can find in a bed, even an organic one. If the mattress contains any polyurethane foam, it is not organic and will likely release toxic substances called polybrominated-biphenyl-ethers (PBDEs) into the atmosphere.

Other hazardous and potentially carcinogenic fire-retardants to watch out for include chlorinated tris and a chemical cocktail known as Firemaster 550.

Step 2. Do not confuse synthetic and organic latex.

Labeling the material as “latex,” without specifying if it is synthetic or natural, is a frequent catch among dishonest mattress manufacturers. While it is not the worst ever ingredient, synthetic latex is far from being an organic material, and it comes with its fair share of drawbacks. There is also no point in wasting tons of money on an organic product that is organic in name only.

Step 3. Steer clear of boric acid and formaldehyde.

The two toxic components often used in mattress construction – the boric acid pesticide and the formaldehyde adhesive – should be avoided by all means. When sleeping on a bed that contains one or both of these chemicals, you get yourself exposed to their toxic influence over time. They are especially dangerous for babies and young children as they can cause convulsions, skin irritation, breathing trouble.

Step 4. Do your research first.

Store workers have no responsibility to tell you about all the materials used in a mattress beyond just listing the ingredients specified on the label. Alternatively, they may plain out not know this. To make sure you are in for no surprises, research the topic on your own before you go down to the store. Visit the manufacturer’s official website for full information on their products, and do not neglect to read testimonials provided by real users.

Step 5. Check out stores that specialize in organic beds.

Shopping for an eco-friendly mattress in a regular store is risky. Instead, try visiting a shop that exclusively specializes in selling organic bedding. The odds of finding a genuine product there are higher, and the sellers are usually better equipped to answer your questions.

Step 6. Ask specific questions.

A store devoted to supplying organic products must always have consultants on hand to answer any of your questions expertly and exhaustively. If you find yourself at one such store, do not hesitate to ask them the following questions:

  • What is the percentage ratio of organic and synthetic materials in the mattress?
  • Was there any exposure to chemicals during manufacturing?
  • Which certificates are available to prove the organic nature and safety of individual materials and the finished product?

The more specific your questions are, the more informed and thorough the answers you will get.

Step 7. Opt for a 100% organic cover if you cannot afford an all-green bed.

The price of organic beds can be sky-high. The more organic the mattress, the more expensive it is. If an all-green, eco-friendly mattress is out of your price range, consider opting for an organic cover and bedsheets instead. Thus, a 100% organic cover made of wool and bedsheets of organic cotton should provide you with enough protection from hazardous chemicals contained in your synthetic mattress.

The Bottom Line

Finding a perfect organic mattress that will be reliably safe and healthy is not something you can do on a whim. It takes time and effort to investigate the matter thoroughly, compare the available options, verify their certificate compliance, and monitor the reviews. Things tend to complicate even more when you are on a tight budget and have to be highly conscious of your spendings. However, if you carefully follow all the recommendations in this article, we trust that your search will be successful.