Hotels & spas

LOOP organic cotton sheets and towels are a perfect complement to natural or holistic spa treatments. Hotel guests will appreciate the natural softness of your hypoallergenic bedding and towels. Your decision to use organic cotton shows guests that you are committed to the environment and their comfort.


We do offer wholesale opportunities on select bulk orders, however LOOP is not currently selling through other stores or websites at this time. Please contact Customer Service for more information, to discuss details, and to order samples.

Private label

If a line of organic cotton bed or bath linens would compliment your current business, then LOOP Organic can guide you in the process of launching a private label line. We have many years of experience working with organic cotton textiles, and have an extensive knowledge of the fabrics, the process, the certifications and the industry. Feasibility and pricing will depend on volume.

Wholesale & private label inquiries:

Please contact Customer Service.