How to care for organic linens

How to care for organic linens

December, 2014

People often ask us about how to care for organic linens. No special care is needed for organic linens. We recommend the same things that would be good for any of your finer bedding and towels. Always wash your sheets separately from your towels. We recommend washing in warm water, using biodegradable soap and non-chlorine […]

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Organic Farming

Organic farming brings balance to the field and strength to the planet.

July, 2014

The philosophy of organic farming is about bringing life to the soil, and managing the balance of a diverse ecosystem. When left alone, insects and plants in nature keep each other in check by thriving off of one another. Organic farming uses this diversity to its advantage, and keeps fields in balance using natural predators […]

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organic cotton farming

Organic cotton farming helps keep soil healthy.

April, 2014

Conventional agriculture destroys biodiversity and renders the soil barren. More than 2.3 billion pounds of pesticides are used each year on US farms alone. Unfortunately, pesticide use is steadily increasing, in the US and worldwide. In conventional agriculture, chemical pesticides are used to eliminate all other plants and unwanted insects. This also kills the beneficial […]

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best organic linens

Apartment Therapy named LOOP some of the “Best Organic Linens”

September, 2010

LOOP is very excited to have Apartment Therapy list it as some of the “Best Organic Bedding Sources. This Shopper’s Guide helps customers shift through all of the options currently in the market, and highlights the best places to buy your organic cotton linens. The editors at Apartment Therapy are obviously looking for quality and […]

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Organic Cotton Products

Why are organic cotton products better?

August, 2010

The ‘all natural’ image of cotton is very misleading. Normal cotton production uses some of the most chemical pesticides by volume of any crop, second only to corn, and some of the most toxic. And the conventional processing of cotton textiles relies heavily on chemicals, some of which are toxic, and classified by the World […]

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eco friendly homes

LOOP Products have appeared in award winning eco friendly homes and showcase residences.

January, 2010

LOOP has been asked by green designers and architects to use LOOP products in their model homes. From showcase homes that use new energy technologies, to residences that have won awards for green design and for being sustainably built. Tour of Homes, Eugene OR, 2010 Don Elliott Construction, Architect Rich Caragol (RLC Design Studios), Interior […]

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