How do I care for my organic linens?

No special care is needed for organic linens. We recommend the same things that would be good for any of your finer bedding and towels. Always wash your sheets separately from your towels. We recommend washing in warm water, using biodegradable soap and non-chlorine bleach. Dry sheets on low heat, and remove promptly, or even just before they are completely dry. They will continue to dry in the air, and this will minimize any potential wrinkling.

What if I need to return a product?

LOOP assures the quality of its products and your satisfaction. If you wish to return a product for replacement or refund, please notify Customer Service immediately and specify the reason for return. Then return the unused item(s) in original condition within 30 days of receipt to the address provided by
Customer Service:
LOOP Customer Service

What if I have very sensitive skin?

All of the production processes are free from known carcinogens and heavy-metals. Chemical-free alternatives are used during the finishing process, for instance hydrogen peroxide is used for whitening in lieu of chlorine bleach. Even the low-impact dyes which are used are certified organic. LOOP products have even been proven safe enough for many with acute allergies and chemical sensitivities. But do know that every body is different. If you would like to test our products, we suggest you purchase a pillowcase or a hand towel to try.

Why are organic cotton products better?

Our bodies are constantly fighting the toxins found in the products around us. With organic cotton bedding and organic towels, you help create environments for the home that allow the body’s defense systems a chance to relax and recuperate. This will surely lead to a better, more peaceful sleep. Plus, buying organic cotton linens for the home is another great way to make a positive impact in helping to protect our precious environment. Buying organic cotton products, grown and made in the US, helps keep American soil healthy.