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creating pure environments in the home

Our bodies are constantly fighting the toxins found in the products around us. With organic cotton bedding and organic towels, you help create environments for the home that allow the body’s defense systems a chance to relax and recuperate.

Please wash in warm water, using biodegradable soap and non-chlorine bleach.

benefits of choosing organic cotton

Pure next to the skin
LOOP organic cotton bedding and organic towels are certified to the most stringent set of standards for organic textiles (Global Organic Textiles Standards), so they are as pure as possible. They have even been proven safe enough for many with acute allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Helps protect the environment at large
Buying organic cotton bedding and towels for the home is another great way to make a positive impact in helping to protect our precious environment. It takes about 1 lb of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to grow the cotton needed to make just one bath towel.
Source: Sustainable Cotton Project